Thursday, March 31, 2005

dear dianfang...this is the nonsense i created and it pisses me off..../// Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Consumer Advisory: The photos depicted are dark naturally so dun adjust your monitor setting.....jus too bad my camera flash not strong enough...hehheh...i'll enhance the image prior to jus too lazy to do it now.../// Posted by Hello
blooper of the night Posted by Hello
portrait of a kid unwilling to grow up... Posted by Hello
makin a wish when weiwen called Posted by Hello
my bro n liping Posted by Hello
my 2 sis(won a second prize @ some nonsense competition prior to coming my place) n me n xuan Posted by Hello
my sis (big) Posted by Hello
pic with parents and xuan xuan(pissed cos des n roger called while...) Posted by Hello
my sis n my xuan xuan Posted by Hello
the star of the ready made grab and go smallish cake.. Posted by Hello
And did i forget tom mention Mr Chua Dian Hong smeared cream on my Tampines Mall....quote"That's the way la....///".....psycho Posted by Hello
Just for the record...Birthdae wishes...Last night on MSN....XY, kingking, midnight....jeremy, clement, eldine, yiwei, guang, dianfang, liang....last night frenster testimonial...yenting and deyong...last, eeks, zhiwen, shay, sis, guang again, diana, gwen, eeling, ntuc income, mcdonalds, zhirui....presents....bro(mp3 player) bao)....clement(faye times mag)....myself(moby cd/2 x DVD)....hmmm yea....correct as at 30 1815/// Posted by Hello
weekdays tamp mall breeks is deserted lor...where every1 goin to on my birthday? Posted by Hello
and his toast...which he could have paid for something better at Long John's if he woke up earlier Posted by Hello
buffalo wings.....fiery Posted by Hello
my tasty chix leg Posted by Hello
eat n eat n eat Posted by Hello
then dianfang jio me to BREEKS to treat me Posted by Hello
yummie Posted by Hello
spaghetti and taiwan sausage..for lunch Posted by Hello
thus i cook Posted by Hello
today is my day Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

In light of my new MP3 player...gotta invest on music guides for quality downloads...///check out mariah's boobs...her latest album is so likely to be another bomb(following up to glitter...) Posted by Hello
Saw this gorgeous Paris fashion spread... Posted by Hello
hmmm...onli see this page once a year...what a pretty page...!! Posted by Hello