Thursday, June 30, 2005

This is a Tee Design done by one of Guang's fren. And so incidently the image is none other than..Guang. Nicely Done!

I will be waiting for you
Sentiments Shared? Yes? No?

I was rolling around in bed this morning (read: lai chuang) and I suddenly recalled the various occasions which I shed tears during my NS days. And felt absolutely stupid for doing it...

BMT Field Camp
First day of seven days...I din know what was ahead of us. Well after 4km route march, one of my platoon mates hyper-ventilated. At that point of time I dunno what hyper-ventilation was so I tot he had asthma. Anyhow, he was right behind me but there was nothing anyone could do to make him feel better. All my PC said was "calm down!"...Duh!...Anyway being helpless and seeing him in panic drove tears out of my eye sockets. Im kinda well known for being touchy.

OCS Orientation Fortnight
TST... Within the span of ten days I broke up with my then girlfriend, fell out with my best friend (ever!) and the most important person in my life left Spore for good. I kinda broke down in the auditorium during a lecture. Only my buddy (during TST) knows. The only thing I remembered from the lecture was some LTA sayin,"Kill Bill is fantastic. You all got...Aiyah! You all not 21 yet...". (Note: I later desperately seek it and it). I feel stupid.

Towards the end of ST term I remembered a lot of us were struggling to pass our SOC at 9.30 min. Well during the last few tests I managed to pass. One of my best buddies Mike unfortunately din manage to. He was pint size. Fingers two-thirds of mine. His greatest obstacle was the swing trainer. Nothing else. He could stuck at the swing trainer for 3 good tries and still reach the finishing pt at 9.25 min. Mike became one of the few who still can't pass SOC. Whenever we go for games he'll be in SBO ready for another go at SOC. Every attempt he makes will be accompanied by many of us who wanted him to pass as badly as he himself wanted it. He also looks to the next try with optimism and positivity. Though he's improving on the swing trainer, time was nv on his side. He got 'retained', sort of. He had to repeat this term again with another training wing to clear his SOC. When we knew about it, I as usual cried like a baby. I mean seeing him try so hard so hard for something and nv giving up but the ground still hit him hard. (Eventually when Michael passed his SOC, he SMSed us and we announced it over our PA system. He just needed a few more weeks. That's to all the fuckers who din believe in him.)

Pretty much says it all, dun it. Spent 23 weeks together(not ten months like others cos I changed platoon; But enough to bond anyway) and its time to split ways. All right, after the parade everyone is leaving. Dunno why everyone feels sad as we still having OM course the coming week. Anyway, we said byes, exchanged numbers, kissed everyone(result of alchoholic stimulant, I hope). When everyone was more or less gone, I remembered Chin cryin. Me and DF started crying also lor cos we r those people who will get affected by other people. It was sad just to look at the quiet lifeless bunk corridor that was once filled with echoes of our nonsense.

I nv needed to feel sad in 5SIR. Jason n Shay. How could I?
Even leaving is sweet sorrow. I'm seeing those guys again for the rest of my NS cycle. I am damn happy to leave actually. If not I will miss doing NS with those siao ginnas.

Stupid Right?

Actually I did cry in 5SIR...once.
When Hulk left for Australia. And now he's back for vacation....and everyone laughed at me during a chill session. Truly stupid.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

After Dinner...went to Marina South to meet up with the last pockets of people still around....fortunately i found shay and hung yi....and saw OC and some of them playing pool...a bigger number of the guys are playing LAN at the arcade...(onli Charlie people playing other customers)...That was erm...NDP recee...bowling cum cohesion.... Posted by Hello
Thus the neo-print..../// Posted by Hello
Went out with Hulk who came back from Aust for vacation...We were quite bored outside actualli.... Posted by Hello
Went for dinner with my mom, Eric and his mom and my God-Ma...took these shots while waiting for Eric's mom at Simei MRT... Posted by Hello
My sis recommended this show to me...thus the VCD Posted by Hello
Constantine is nice I know but I fell asleep in the theatre when I watched it...thus the VCD Posted by Hello
Esplanade Al Dente Rooftop.... Posted by Hello
July 14 Posted by Hello
A superb movie which I finally got the DVD for Posted by Hello
Finally....haha...the magazine loves it too... Posted by Hello
Screen Spore...A movie event in august....I have set my sights on Eric Khoo's and Royston Tan's films... Posted by Hello
Apparently the magazines love Green Chair Posted by Hello
A pretty view Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

At Dianfang's place now....sibei bored
Dunno why...have been feelin a bit down these days
I guess it mus be the lack of things to do
Tot excessively about unnecessary stuff...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

And Ladies and Gentlemen...Green Chair Posted by Hello
Ok I wan to talk about the movie Green Chair...a Korean flick not to be confused with the earlier on SIFF 'Green Hat'...I jio Jeremy cos i know he's a sucker for Korean movies...anyway it's R21...he was slightly late so we missed a bit of the beginning but i think it didnt matter cos we were treated in the immediate minutes to a prolonged sex scenes after sex scenes in many positions....the two leads had so much sex that they became sick of it. Its actualli a tale of a woman at 32 falling in love with a guy 19, who is still legally underaged. She was prosecuted but upon release she went back together with the guy and started to have so much sex. And im surprised after so much sex the guy still had to act innocent and ask her to show him her vagina...and she performed oral sex as though its the first time....WHAT?!! a few days of hotel sex and none of this....something is wrong...oh ya..their age difference....ok i'm not against such relationships..if u ask me i'll tell u i would like women a couple of years older than i was...dunno why...but Green Chair is a horny display of this relationship...trying to tell u that the only reason y a 19 yr old would get together with a 32 yr old is to experience sex and that a 32 yr old get together with a 19 yr old is to feel like the first time again....was their love love...?? its very hard to tell for sure...In any case, this is the R21 with most sex scenes i have seen....its super horny...but i think it has a deeper meaning than visual display of flesh. Like.....what is green chair?there's no reference to green or chair throughout the whole film..maybe it refers to the young lad....he's green(inexperienced in sex) and he's a chair(cos the girl always sits on him)...hmmm i think its a thinking movie Posted by Hello
This is Eric. Haha. I learnt from a sad occasion that we r actualli sort-of related. To think we din know at all thru our days in JC and climbin...haha....My God-Ma is his Grandma...thus he's my 'God-Nephew'??...anyway the thing about this discovery is we suddenly can talk as though i knew him for very long....unlike before in school...i could get past a training session without having to talk to eric once..not tat we r like enemies or wad but we're jus not clicked...but since i knew about our link and his return from UK, quite chatty....its a good thing la i feel....we're frens after all...this is a good excuse to get to know eric...again/// Posted by Hello
This is all so familiar...Jeremy's green tee and white framed with A|X tee and bag in front...i mus dig...i'm sure to find another pic taken another day lookin exactly like this.... Posted by Hello
I traded phone numbers with my cousin when i saw her...i took a pic as well to put in phonebook but she say too fat so she deleted it. anyway she sent me a not fat pic of her later and i had to give her my pic....I tried to take a picture of handphone pics(as i dun hav IR port so hp pics stay in hp onli) and it turns out quite alright against the dark backgrd of my surrounding. There we have the two photos my cousin and i traded with each other. We have Eric, Shay, Xy, and me with artificial sweat. I must emphasize.....taking photos of photos are meant for losers only.../// Posted by Hello
After Paradiz, I met up with Jeremy again (watched Green Chair with him before leaving for Paradiz) to go Boat Quay. Rot initially wanted to go to a fren's birthday bash at China Black but din...oh well cos nv buy present....anyway he did not go Boat Quay with us also....Jus me and Jeremy...even Songhe dua us...anyway saw quite a lot of start I missed Clarkish who left 5 mins before i got there...i saw Maurice and sorry-i-din-reali-get-her-name, Jason and his Joanna, crooner Jeffery. Today weird leh..go new place called Zen...anyhow, when Jason left, me n jeremy toured around the area, popped by Eski-Bar and along the way I saw my cousin haha and Max my ex-OCS wing-mate. Seems like Boat Quay is quite a popular hang-out nowadays hor...i tot onli Jason will go onli.... Posted by Hello
Yesterday was Miss Tiew's birthday bash at Paradiz K Box. Met up with my batch of climbers as well as one year my junior and two years(who i nv met b4 except Nick) was quite awkward trust me. Even within our own batch like got nothin much to say liao but nevertheless its alright la...its not like its a disaster. Well its nice to see people like Carlene, Chloe, James, Mark, Timo, Matthew, Farah(she's with Matthew??), and ya Mervyn, Eric, Bernard, Ryan, Xingkai..blah blah blah...I reali feel like going back to climbin again soon...reali soon Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

This movie is called Shining Boy & Little Randy. Why is it a good film to look out for? Simply because of the lead Yuya Yagira, Cannes Best Actor 2004 for Nobody Knows. And Nobody Knows is marvellous, more so after repeated viewing. There's something about men who can act as i find it a greater feat as compared to women who can act. Men are creatures who r not good at expressing emotions and for actors who can do it, i applaud them...for actresses it aint easy i know and i appreciate good actresses also but its comparatively harder for men la. See, we have arnold, vin diesel, the rock. We dun have female versions do we? Posted by Hello
Due to some money and ticketing cock-up earlier on, i gave up my ticket to riot with HQ people in the Batman theatre. I watched this...alone.....again!!...Anyway this movie has Japanese Story kind of shock....but three times less boring...goodish/// Posted by Hello
Yesh...the movie half of charlie watched quite biased about this movie...i know i will like it though i nv liked/saw the previous ones, simply becos Chris Nolan directed it and Christian Bale IS Batman.../// and surprise IS as good as I hoped...but as i suspect...its getting mixed reviews/// Posted by Hello
At the end of HQ outing...Me Eeks Zhiwen went to AMK for dinner...since Eeks dun wanna wait at we eat at Pizza Hut...not very clever...but u know eeks...dun care dun boy Posted by Hello
Hmmm when was this? safety exhibition i suppose....nv occurred to me to take a pic like this before.....quite nice what Posted by Hello