Thursday, July 28, 2005

An As-Yet-Untitled Project
Still #1 - She is a confident and modern woman.

Still #2 - She attracts many people's attention.

Still #3 - On one occasion she was dolling up in the washroom.

Still #4 - Not knowing her attire was improper, she left.

Still #5 - Sensing something amiss, she decides to head back to the washroom once again.

Still #6 - She scanned herself and finally realised her blunder.

Still #7 - She dashed into the cubicle, wishing she never existed.

Blooper Still #1
What is Sis and the Maid doing there?

Blooper Still #2

Story by Carol Koo / Script by Ang Guang Zheng & Koo Chia Meng / Shot by Koo Chia Meng / Starring Debbie & **** **** ****

2005 karmour's first was fun///NO UNAUTHORISED DUPLICATION

Ok today i went down to Marina to visit the guys...
Well the first thing i heard when i arrived was that Bruneiporean is leavin soon
not very good...

Ya anyway we had lunch and went ahead with them to the spectator stands to meet up with the rest of the coy for briefing...
saw Jason in armourer get-up and 3SG Ye Songhe///
But there were a lot of people i din manage to see
The first person i saw clearly today was CO(of all pple)
S3, S2, S1, OCB, Cpt Lim.....///Everything is starting to come back sia

Where there used to be grass.....

its now all NDP stuff...its very very kwa zhang...marina facelifted i tell you

This is a pic taken by Hung Yi...its sibei cutish I can't help but pirating it inot this blog...anyway this was another day...not today...although pple r wearing the same stuff

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Life as a Cat

On the surface, a cat may appear lazier as compared to a dog. But that doesn't mean a cat will love its owner less.

Thus imagine...
One owner of a dog decided to buy a cat.
The cat felt imtimidated by the dog as it did not seem to be as good as the dog and the owner clearly still prefered the dog after having the cat.

Then one day...due to some reasons
The dog was gone.
The cat finally tot it will have the owner's love all to itself.
Which it did....for a short while before the owner got another dog to love and care for.

The Cat Just Dunno Why....And he tot he dun care

Monday, July 25, 2005

Darius 'Dragon' Kwa commissioned! But on that special night, We headed down to a not very special place....Mr Bean's Cafe.../// Posted by Picasa
Isk got married. Me n Harry went down together at the slightly wrong timing...took pic at his place instead of the usual void deck. hmmm....Happy man Iskandar is Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is This What You Guys R Waiting For?
Personally I Din Think This show Was Good Enough to Call For a Sequel...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

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Aloha! Watchin Mysterious Skin last night was perhaps the best movie going experience Ive had in ages...I also fully understood how Hung Yi felt when he watched Sideways having read the book before. Dunno bout Sideways but for this adaptation, the director kept all the significant scenes intact and the outcome was, simple but jus as moving as the full novel. Seeing Neil doing what he does is plain sad, as he himself never realised the possibility of him doing it in the first place is due to a tragedy in childhood(even sadder that he dun think its a tragedy)...Brian is pitiful in his plight for believing he was abducted by aliens but later realised it was something more cruel...This story is about how 2 kids grew up and heal from their own childhood scars rather differently. This is like Bad Education so to speak. But this is a lot deeper and in an unlikely film of such content, exudes innocence. The two young leads are out of the world wonderful as their respective characters, Neil n Brian, a teenage gay hustler n a nerd obsessed with UFO. Very Brave Very Daring, not jus the leads and also the whole adaptation in general. WoW! Posted by Picasa
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Heh heh...I am stepping into the last week of my job stint at Al Dente Trattoria Esplanade...gonna miss these sceneries...By the way Al Dente have the National Day set dinner @ $75+++/pax....Can see fireworks wor.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

And after the outing...met up with Chin and Dianfang and go meet up with Kangli...who is going to meet up with James Yan Zhao n Lydia....This photo is taken by James...who insisted of capturing me n Yan Zhao in the same photo.....huh? Posted by Picasa
And after the performance...4D outing....Snaps....Yiwei came back from Aust...its reali a wonder to see him at outings...he was undoubtly reali Ap when we were all younger....he was even carrying a Half Blood Prince that day....sibei farnie.../// Posted by Picasa
Met with XY on Sun before going to catch the performance with my Family...its the second time this month i got someone to meet me and i had to leave shortly after..(ie to say. I made that person(s) come all the way down to where I am and that's it)...Haha I'm quite bad Posted by Picasa
Spoiler Ahead....below documents Eeling's birthday on Sat...but you will see the ending first then the beginning....tamade.....i should reali start using to upload next time.. Posted by Picasa
Eeling.....what a 21st Birthday! Posted by Picasa
Then look at this...but u think this is it? Posted by Picasa
u think this is messy? Posted by Picasa
Party gettin' messy// Posted by Picasa
Everybody!!!....anyway i noticed something as i was uploading the previous pic of my class...wynne super like to hide behind people wor...both my JC classs pic u will see wynne's head behind and covered by someone's head ...ya jus an observation.../// Posted by Picasa
08/01 Posted by Picasa
Cake cutting....eeling with kangli james n yan zhao (incidently the guys whom i studied lit with in sec sch but they got A1 while i got C6....farnie) Posted by Picasa
Kahhui from Primary sch.....see?....Sch is jus one big real-life Friendster. Posted by Picasa
Playing game while waiting for cake cutting....very typical...everytime will do the same thing...die die will think of game to play... Posted by Picasa