Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Just like Walking on a Road that has a detour track to the side.
You Might walk on the small track Instead of the Main road because you Know it will bring you to Where you Want to faster. But after a short distance and Uncertainties set in, You think it might be Best just to Stick to the Main road after all.

Just like a Little Girl who is deprived of looking at all the things she deemed nice, just because she refuses to let go of her Mom's Hand. Why? Cos she is Scared that if she did, despite being satisfied at looking at things That interest Her instead of Oversized High-heels, She will never find Her way Home.

Just like donating all your Money to the Boy with the Metal tin, Not knowing if Your money will ever Reach those who Needs it.

Just like Any other day Like Every other Day.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Guy on the Left,'Remember me??' Posted by Picasa
Clockwise from Top Left: Platoon 7, Platoon 9, HQ and receiving a plaque from CO 5SIR. Sorry I wasn't there but I had camera units on standby haha...who could give the sending off of the Most Popular SAF Regular (Zui Shou Huan Ying De Officer) a miss? Posted by Picasa
Exclusive pic of beloved Ex-HQoffr / Encik / PC7 / 2IC of Charlie Coy by popular demand of the guys who made this picture possible.  Posted by Picasa

Aloha Charlie Company!!
Haiz...here sibei siong ah everyday training programme is packed. Day-time outfield, night-time lecture.
I'm currently undergoing the Instructor Prep course and on 7 SEPT
Just last week I killed my quail, chicky and bunny WITH MY BARE HANDS(murderer). Having been here for some time, I have something I need to inform u guys before you all actualli come up here for training. Thus I have LTA(NS) KOO to help me disemminate...

1. When you guys are in Brunei, I will be a cadre for Team 2, which is Alpha Coy. I won't be with you guys. (Sigh)
2. The terrain here is reali damn shag, trust me! If you all are going to chao geng in local training, ALL OF YOU WILL DIE IN BRUNEI!!
You all will also be embarking on the new battalion training that was jus metted out, inclusive of several different routes and stuff. COMMANDERS HAVE to brush up on navigation skils, ESP CRT!!!
3. The weather there is rainy and it has not failed to rain heavily every afternoon. So when u guys reach here, its gonna be very cold. Please go and get yourself sufficient heat packs (ask from commanders who have been to Taiwan, one pack will last about 6 hours)as you all will be harbouring on Mt Biang(very very high altitude).
4. PLEASE guysss!!! Life as a training troop in Brunei is all about PRIDE as lots of training troops WILL be there and ALL EYES WILL be on 5SIR. Now is Air Force School & NDU. Later on will be Commandos, 5SIR and 3rd Guards! And of all officers I know your standards pretty well and based on that, it is gonna be tough on you all. Please train hard, esp since it was a while since you all did chiong suah..

(Please take note on the above 4 points ok?
I want you guys to do well for Brunei and not let other units think they are better than us)

***The above excerpt was taken wholly from the MSN chat between me and Shay, exclusive of bad grammer, spelling errors and brunei slang, inclusive of coherent conjunctions and all MY personal opinion in (brackets).

Something is going on with Shay, cos he was paiseh when I asked him wad his MSN nick meant and he hastily changed the topic and very hastily changed his MSN nick to something common...haha (girl la, mus be)

And all those who have MSN but have not added him, u may do so. His add is shaychqoffr@hotmail.com
He is most prob on MSN on Sundays onli///(I guess)
He is STILL using his same handphone number but PLEASE, DO NOT CALL OR SMS HIM DURING this time. As Shay is subscribing to auto-roam, HE will be paying for all the "How are you?" SMSs @ $0.80 EACH and taking your useless calls at $2/min. Bottomline: EMERGENCY onli!!!Email him instead at shay82@singnet.com.sg (different from MSN add)

Due to his packed training, he has been skipping lunch thus he WILL become quite skinny (something is wrong if it happens the other way). He IS the youngest OFFR over there...so he has become THE DiDi in Brunei(in the past keep callin me lar! HaHa)

Just as I remembered Brunei, Shay has confirmed that there is no need to book out at all as the onli place he could go was Bangar Town, which I quote Shay, the most happening place on Earth where there is nothing at all.

All of us will be able to see Shay when he comes back in Dec 05. Til then, his trg pgm will be as packed as now. And he never bring camera so we'll not know how he changed til he comes back. Haiz..Onli depend on MSN le lor...//

The whole of Spore can't wait for him to come back...cos as proven during Carnival at Marina, everybody just wants a piece of Shay.

Ok that's all the updates I have for those who care about Shay.
And ON TOP, some photo coverage of the most talked about SAF Event of the Year.
Hey GuySSSS...Seen King King lately?...He's headin to USA the end of month...In fact he's already there!...brace urself for many-many topless hot chick pics sent from US with 'love'/// Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Am I becoming one of those bloggers you feel sorry for when u blog-hop? The blogging-dead? (ripped from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

I am contemplating changing my blog add from
to something else
(I would very much like to retain the originality and creativity in the current add)

I have the following options ///
7. www.KAOBEHKAOBU.blogspot.com

Which of the 5 should I choose? (Note the Prime numbers are ripped from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)

You can bet MY ASS I won't change

Yes? No? Yes? No?
Hey! Take Care of Yourself...Dun sign too many JCCs...I'll see you soon Posted by Picasa
Sequel to many many of the stupid photos Shay simply adores Posted by Picasa
Bravo Kids (chum-chum) Posted by Picasa
An all so familiar scenario Posted by Picasa
An all so familiar walkway Posted by Picasa
The newly painted street soccer court....with very very old AHS xiao yous Posted by Picasa
Nice...a view i liked whenever I sat down waiting for all my frens playing soccer Posted by Picasa
Hanging around..missed those four years doing it Posted by Picasa
My own frens Posted by Picasa
My Juniors....The very close batch Posted by Picasa
Zheng Zai Fa...yea...me too...i was like...WTF??...HaHa Posted by Picasa
Long time no see Goodish fren No 1
 Posted by Picasa
Long time no see Goodish fren No 2
 Posted by Picasa
Long time no see Goodish fren No 3 Posted by Picasa
Vintage Posted by Picasa
The Heritage centre...something new Posted by Picasa
My School Stadium that has not changed much over the years Posted by Picasa
Reunion Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

National Day Countdown....Finally managed to see eeks and xiaohei who has been doing guard at camp....// Posted by Picasa