Sunday, November 20, 2005

Boogie Nights is a very very hot movie...but its a very very intimate study of human emotion and relations also...One of my all time Favourites....I jus posted this cos this poster looks very cool...very boogie... Posted by Picasa
New Stuff from the creators of Matrix ...who follows in the tradition of Graphic novel adaptation....If they can bring back the surrealism in Matrix to this, I think it won't face down to the very good very very good Sin City...not at least visually. Posted by Picasa
Romance and Cigarettes...seems like a musical...Haha...but either way the poster looks cool...although a bit not realistic... Posted by Picasa
Indie Alert!!! Posted by Picasa
Peter Jackson...And Naomi Watts and Adrian Brody...looks like a correct combi... Posted by Picasa
Sam Mendes(American Beauty) does war films...should have a pretty fair bit of cynicism and realism...either way I am betting on this to redo American Beauty's feat at the Oscars.. Posted by Picasa
I read the book halfway...not reali my type but I did think that it would be great as a movie then i'll watch...Ta Da! Posted by Picasa
Jim Jarmusch...Last known for Coffee & Cigarettes....I reali like the storyline about one anonymous letter from an ex-lover telling him he has a son...and he goes to all his ex lovers to find his son and some bittersweet memories Posted by Picasa
The much anticipated movie from Ang Lee....reali will be so heart-wrenching and romantic meh? Posted by Picasa
Nick Park won the Oscars for 2 previous shorts on Wallace and Gromit....This is gonna hit big time.... Posted by Picasa
This is Joseph Gordon Levitt's latest movie since his brave turn in Mysterious Skin...I'm pretty sure his capacity as an actor will surpass that of Third Rock from the Sun...By the way I tot at first that this show was an anime Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005

At the very immediate present, I'm dying to watch Tom Yum Goong & Exorcism of Emily Rose. Next week I should become very very Potty then there's nothing reali exciting to me in cinemas except for Jarhead (America Beauty's Sam Mendes), V for Vendetta, Saw II (I'm a sucker for Gore), Wallace & Gromit, Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmusch), Brokeback Mountain (Gay cowboys, anyone?), Final Destination III, Scary Movie IV...HaHa....But I'll kick my own balls if I miss A History of Violence. Sorry! I jus find this poster kinda cool so I kept posting it up...By the way I saw the rating..its R21 uncut....jus the way a sicko movie junkie like me would LIKE//// Posted by Picasa
Current Watch.....Recommended by EMPIRE UK...Story's about a bunch of kids trying to get even with a class bully and oops....KILLS him.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ok Wad is my Day Job....I'm a Retail Associate @ Gramophone @ International Plaza. (Retail ASSociate: short-form for CD salesman/cleaner/music directory/liar/...) What is so different about being a R ASS @ my shop compared to my other well-known branches in town? Cos @ IP we R ASSes have to deal with this little thing called RENTAL(refer to below post for illustrations). RENTAL started a week after I joined as a R ASS, which I would count myself unlucky. Cos the customer volume has almost doubled but the revenue onli increased by say 500 bucks(on a very very LUCKy day)...And apart from having less time to promote music to others(which A-hem, I am passionate about, and DVDs of course), I now devote more and more time (by the day) to wiping oily stains off DVDs and meeting nonsensical demands who are trying to make the already very cheap RENTAL an even better deal. And...since the customer capacity increases, I am also spending more time in putting back misplaced DVDs. (which idiot will put Twister under letter B? Or worse...A RENTAL DVD into our for sale RACK...and all the cheapskate who saw it will like, "Oh Mee GoDD...This DVD ish 3 Doglers??????????" Funk off man! Anyway, The feeling is made worse by the fact that there is now a MAX of 3 R ASS in the shop handling both RENTAL and Sales when before i Joined there were apparently 5 R ASS who handled onli Sales...Why am i over-worked underpaid....everywhere??// Pui!!....(Pun intented on ASS thru-out the above passage as it is wad i'll inevitably feel like and eventually become)... Posted by Picasa
And Ho Hung Yi...first appearance on the blog in civilian attire in a time frame not before or after camp/camp activities Posted by Picasa
Its been a while...since Jeremy appeared on this blog... Posted by Picasa
Welcome to the First Merger coffee joint @ Somerset Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Below is the detailed account of What I've been up to during my lengthy absense from Blogging. If you care That is. what Shay says: "Sleeping should be the happiest time of our day. Thus we must fall asleep smiling." Posted by Picasa
I'm Catching Something......anything.... Posted by Picasa
Jay Chou - November's Chopin Posted by Picasa
VA - Wine Bar Revisited  Posted by Picasa
Cheer Chen - Chen Qi Zhen Jing Xuan 1998-2005 (Aloha DF) Posted by Picasa
Bruno Evin - Man Ray Vol. 1 Posted by Picasa
Stephane Pompougnac - Best of Hotel Costes (A Very Very Special Album) Posted by Picasa
Jamie Cullum - Catching Tales (Shay ah Shay, ni mai le mei you?) Posted by Picasa