Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Today I am 364 days old ..... Tomolo I turn 1!!...ain't tat like .... sibei exciting??.. anyway I , www.chiameng.blogspot.com, would like to thank all those people who pops by once in a while and leaves message on my dying tag-board and also check out how psychotic and boring my writer can get sometimes. Lately my writer has been giving me a bit of the cold shoulders...maybe he's busy or something...or he feels tat confiding in me is no longer safe (I can be quite k-po sometimes)...Well...I'm just glad after a year my writer is still not giving up on me...though i kinda feel its time to change my clothes (skin)....i'm sian of tarantino a wee wee bit..../// either way i guess he's feelin very down now and very lost and for once trying to think like wad a blog would think...Either way....Have a happy New 2006 ahead...all of you!....You too Chia Meng....i know it might be impossible...(at least try lah you prick...///) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Guess Who???...It's Lara!!!!! Posted by Picasa
**Newflash**Due to the increasing number of people who ponders upon the real identity of the girl who sang a duet "Shan Hu Hai" with Jay Chou on his latest album, I've taken it upon myself to disclose her true identity as a professional CD salesman...Her name is Lara, the latest female addiction, i mean addition to the previous 4-man pop group Nan Quan Ma-Ma. Sweet as her voice is, she looks sweet in person too. And she's not 100% chinese!!! (Hot)...Do check her out on Nan Quan Ma-Ma's latest album 'Er Hao Can', which is readily available at a friendly Gramophone store NOT anywhere but at International Plaza/// Posted by Picasa
The Wedding of Mohd Ayub, PS7 of C 5Sir...Here photographed with Ex-offrs of Year 1 Posted by Picasa
Us...///Shay, Hulk, JJ and Me Posted by Picasa
Platoon 7 - Past and Present Posted by Picasa
Ex Colleagues of the 5SIR Posted by Picasa
A very Crowded and grand event... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shay is back...No change people...no change/// Posted by Picasa
Hulk Dianfang Chin Me = OCS // Shay Hulk Me = 5SIR .... but we still all went out together anyway... Posted by Picasa
My Buddy hasn't changed one bit though....still likes to take pictures that are ... unconventional...he has been acting though he's a tourist since he bought his new camera...haha...tat's him alright Posted by Picasa
Today is Final Home. The concert was better than drugs(not tat i've tried before)....It was high to the MAX!!!!!!!....Dianfang deliberately wore that...yea jus the both of us....MAYDAY IS DAMN ROCKS!!!! I worship them even more now...Pls people...it's a sin if u have not checked out their songs....when the pic was taken (me+DF)...we were partially mute and partially deaf but throughly shiok! Ha Ha...Wu Yue Tian Wu Yue Tian ..... !!!! Posted by Picasa