Tuesday, January 24, 2006


One of the few movies lately to have me think about something more than just the movie itself.
I needed to think deeper into >>

  1. How (can) love bloom in the wake of loss?
  2. How can a Siao-Lang(crazy man), in his very own insanity, tell other people that acknowledging insanity is not a sign of insanity?
  3. What Math formula are they trying to proof?
  4. Paranoia and trust. How to see people through their eyes?
  5. How bad my maths is now..

As well as a few other things i thought about but I forgot while I was typing the above, That made me extremely annoyed...Oh Ya

  1. How Hair is actually 'dead' and how there is no point using organic products on it since there's no effect on the hair? (Is it true?)
  2. Vegeterian Chilli (Since when was chilli meat?)
  3. She has wasted 33 and a quarter hours in the past few weeks not doing work but she has the brain capacity to make it up in one second. What about me? I guess i wasted at least 15 years of my 21 and will still have a lot of wasting to do...heehee

As such is the power of {Proof}, another teaming up by John 'Shakespeare in Love' Madden and Gwyneth 'Shakespeare in Love' Paltrow. Simple. Profound. Excellent acting. No make-up. This is truly a back to basics kinda film that truly dissects every issue Katherine goes through. Loss, Fear, Despair, Uncertainty, Grief. Hal is the math teacher/nerd band drummer who gets laid. If he don't who does?? {Proof} is kinda moving and I like it that there are quite a few unexpected turns in the plot. The Heroine, fearing that she will go insane just like her father, was this close to keeping the Mathematical {Proof} that might rock the present world forever. But she accepts her inherited intelligence and went on to refine the {Proof} with Hal. Will she go insane? Like her Daddy? according to Hal...its No. I know I'm a spoiler...But just give {Proof} a chance. I never regretted choosing {Proof} over some Geisha-shit. (I'm clearly biased towards this movie cos I like Shakespeare in Love...a lot a lot a lot).

Sunday, January 15, 2006

taken from dianfang's blog

You are Colourblind! You take the saying
"love is blind" and put it into
perspective. You see people the way you want
to see them, not the way they really are. You
follow them blindly, yet faithfully.

Which Faye Wong song are you?
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KT TUNSTALL "Other Side Of The World"
  • The fire fades away
  • Most of everyday
  • Is full of tired excuses
  • But it's too hard to say
  • I wish it were simple
  • But we give up easily
  • You're close enough to see that
  • You're the other side of the world to me

Hey Hung Yi...i post lyrics too
i'm a copycat...nananana
u should check out this song if u haven
if u have u would agree its fan-tastic
Today is Joel's 21st BBQ....Hmmm Joel belongs to this very special grp of frens that started out as juniors then cadets then very very damn good frens...Everyone in the pic is 1 year younger than I am except my teacher(no prize for guessing which one)....during Sec Sch days...We hang out...although not much now since everyone has varying commitments...but I'm still glad Joel din forget me...(although i think he almost did cos he onli told me bout the BBQ 6 hrs before it actualli happens).../// Posted by Picasa
Fat came very much later...u may think Fat(Dennis) is short in this pic...no no no...he's actually a forehead taller than I am...I was elevated...tat's all Posted by Picasa
By The End of the night....Joel is RED to the core le...from the overdose of canned beers...Happy 21 Joel Posted by Picasa
Late Night Traffic Art 1 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Late Night Traffic Art Number 3 Posted by Picasa
Late Night Traffic Art Number 2 Posted by Picasa
What am I doin on a rainy night at a beautifully lit Orchard Road?? Posted by Picasa
Hanging out with Junde is wad me & Guang is doing....Junde 'Goatie' Li came back for a short stay before going back for his studies @ Au...But now that he's here does he wanna go back and hang with his mates??? Posted by Picasa
No-No-No-No...as he violently shows.... Posted by Picasa
Esplanade on a sunny/rainy day Posted by Picasa
Mind Games will Kill /// Beware Posted by Picasa
Reflection (of a Ring & a Fly) Posted by Picasa
Last time a Coy size /// today only a handful for Shay's departure back to Brunei Posted by Picasa
Good Frens....Check out our photographer above.../// Posted by Picasa