Tuesday, February 28, 2006



enough said...//

it doesnt matter what others comment
be it good or bad
but for me
i'm jus proud of our charlie company
you people have made it

the next hurdle is here
what to do after ORD
i hope for those who is clueless
please stop being clueless
go do something you wan to do
something u felt like you were born to do
something you wan to achieve

start a business
get a job
sign-on (if u reali like this life)
further your studies

I hope whatever you guys choose
I will be able to see you
doing well for yourself
when we go for reservist

Ta Ma De
Please go and Study larr

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

According to Alex PNN's info leak, there are fireworks at Esplanade every night. So I decided to capture that 2 minutes of magnificance on every possible recording media I hav...For once Alex is reliable...Heh...and that night is the fateful night where I realised I'm not useless...(refer below) Posted by Picasa
Guang helped me last Sunday with my very delayed video....Thanks Bro Posted by Picasa
Wish YOU were here.... Posted by Picasa
Remember what I said about shots of a HDB flat against a blue sky? Brilliant (At least I think so) Posted by Picasa
Xuan snapping anyhow with my camera. Others include pics of everyone with their eyes closed, the wall, the floor, and plenty of those with his little finger(which covered the lens). Too horrifying for public viewing... Posted by Picasa
See C Coy off to ATEC...Ayub and Hung Yi...among the many other familiar faces... Posted by Picasa
Ah...my trustworthy runner...Eeks...hai...if i could I would be there choinging with you and everyone else in C Coy....Pray for redcon 1 Posted by Picasa
Happy CNY!!! Posted by Picasa
Ta Da Posted by Picasa
Ta Da Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are you worth more than you think you are?


Days ago I was just thinking about how unimportant i am.
Like how whether I exist or not don't matter to anyone...

Last night I was alone at Esplanade catching the nightly fireworks. Thereafter I was sitting by the atrium of Esplanade (where there are ponds with floating artefacts). This uncle came up to me and asked me the direction to Marina Mandarin Hotel. I pointed at where its supposed to be and he walked towards that direction. Everything was well until I saw this couple in front of me pointing at something behind me. I turn around and there the uncle was with his right leg inside the pond. Apparently he fell . Anyway it wasn't a very good description of what reali happened but anyway it made me realise that I had to be there at the moment to help him.

Ok wad happened this morning was scary. Yes, even more than that of a sight of a fallen old man. I was on my way to work at the MRT stn. I was earlier than usual so I decide to forgo the earlier train and smoke and catch the 10 am train I normally catch. At the platform I waited as usual and the train arrived on time. As the rush hour crowd pushed their bodies into the carriage with all their might, I stood back and waited for a while since the train was actually pretty empty. Then this lady who was beside me turned around suddenly and headed for the other door at the other cabin. She was, oh my god, staggering left and right and she actually slipped and had her right leg dangling at the space between the train and the carriage( the part where the 2 cabins are conjoined thus the space is larger). I looked around and there was nobody in sight. So I quickly pulled the lady back onto the platform. Cold sweat and her right shoe on the tracks. I was thinking to myself: Hey! I was at the right place at the right time to help her like last night for the uncle. For the girl esp. God knows wad will happen if I decided to not smoke and caught the earlier train for then there will be absolutely no one there to help her out.

So last night and today I found some use of myself.
You will too...