Thursday, March 23, 2006


sadly to say
i'm not so obsessed with MAYDAY anymore
i'm however obsessed with hotel costes (still)
and wang li hong
and OC SEASON 2!!!!
cos u won't believe the tangled web of relationships is already fucked up so badly
its gonna get worse...

and wang faye
and c coy photos from Cresendo (thx to HY for sharing something i cant experience)
and pokka green tea (undying)

Ya...7 more days to 22
8 more days to 8
I'm still the same sad sorry ass I always was
Ya I've been away from blogging God knows why....
Guess I was busy with all these below....
My Brother's Big Day!!!! Posted by Picasa
My zzz alone...cos my brother moved out le...not used to it Posted by Picasa
Family Pic...Whoa...My Family's getting bigger/// Posted by Picasa
Mom & Dad ... i swear in my nearly 22 yrs of living i've never seen them so dressed up for anything Posted by Picasa
My Xuan Xuan Posted by Picasa
The Emcees .... Ya tat's right...weddings need emcees... Posted by Picasa
My Sisters....!!!  Posted by Picasa
My Cousinsssss Posted by Picasa
My Godma & My Mom and erm....Eric's Mom  Posted by Picasa
My Cousin's son...which would make Jeremy here my nephew...right? Posted by Picasa
Hangin out with my best frens from least those that's still in Spore (L-R: Jeremy, Eeks, HungyiPosted by Picasa
Old Man Chin birthday ///  Posted by Picasa
Ok...Bring Xuan Xuan to east coast ride bicycle Posted by Picasa
Ok....Bring Xuan Xuan to east coast play playground Posted by Picasa