Friday, April 21, 2006


hey frens. my dad's health ain't doing so well at the moment. i guess i should be staying at home to look after him more. not tat he needs taking care of. jus for me to be around and make sure everything is alright. until this period of time when his body returns to normal and stablizes. in e meantime, i guess i should be here. well. i know we dun exactly share the most terrific father-son relationship. we dun talk much. and just now lecturing him about eating medicine and stop smoking and stuff. first time in my life. and probably the longest stretch of sentences ive said to him in the past decade. weird. worried. i hope he knows how to take care of himself. after all im his son. we are family. ain't family the most important thing in our lives? worried. worried.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Erm sorry. You were saying something about beautiful smile?

I know this photo is composed by a very self absorbed me
But isn't it time i reminded u of how i look like?
Do you remember?
So...Which is the real me?
Left or Right?
White, Green or Blue?
Not sure aren't you?

Look who Ilona met in Fairyland !!
Visual Depiction of Current State of Mind

Sunday, April 16, 2006

arises from the lack of company
from talking to myself
not that im a loner
in fact i spend most of my time surrounded by people i know
the problem i believe is tat i do not
talk to them as in TALK
jokes. gossips. nuthings.
and at the end of the day
i get the time to think about whats wrong
but there will be no one there to listen
and i will jus talk to myself

am i losing my mind?

arises from the loss of something I held so dear
from having something that is not really mine
not that im in love
or out of love for that matter
i spend time understanding myself
and how to be a better person
and how to create the perfect future
for us

what us?

arises from the fact i no longer know myself
from the fact that my frens dun reali know me anymore
im wearing a mask i tot was a face
i wan to be an open book for all to know
cos that is honesty and trust
fundamentals of frenship isn't it?
but this open book is blank
cos i ponder upon the words that i hesistate to let everyone see

does anyone accept that?

arises from the fact that i feel rotten for every reason
from my being as rotten
for being increasingly self absorbed
for being decreasingly understanding
i wish i could jus reboot
and be the me when i tot i wasnt good enough
yet wasnt bad yet
what am i?
where am i?

TRY is about a boy who decides that he wan to venture into the next phase of his sheltered life.
to love.
but eventually he pulls out.
uncertain of the heartaches, agony as well as the joy and contentment it promises.
uncertain whether fate has a plan or he has a plan for fate.
just uncertain.
EMPTY is about the aftermath of a broken relationship.
it explores the mind of the broken hearted.
inflicted pain.
how everything is sort of still there but
its not.
and no matter how hard u try to get over it and start anew
it jus sinks u deeper into what u r crawling helplessly out of.
love sucks dun it?
For ignorant parties out there,
Both dudes were from the now-fate-unknown boyband BLUE
Both came out with solo albums to kick start their career
So its time for a SHOWDOWN.
LEE's album is kinda like mature pop
Emphasis is on his pretty powerful vocals
And a slight ability to be groovy.
Overall the CD is pleasant.
His vocals giving the whole experience a notch up
Cos if someone like JUSTIN were to sing his songs
He must jus carry it to far far away (ala SUCK)
WEBBE's CD is radio friendly
Every song is clearly different from the other.
but 1 min into every song
esp once he starts singing
it sounds the same.
So there.

And kArMoUr's selected LEE RYAN fav
Parking (Trk 05) > Enjoy!

Waiting watching the clouds
Breathing like I'm gunna stop
Knowing this doors gunna knock
And there you'll be
And i pick you up,
In my car
Take you away

Somewhere we'll sit parked in my car
Minutes turn into hours
We'll watch the bright lights of the city
Just you and me.

Your lips dance across mine
Our hands, fingers entwined
There we'll for fil our desire
Set me free
Brokeback Mountain and Broken Flowers taught me something
Both movies have key characters growing old alone.
Having lost the love of their respective lives.
In Brokeback
the love is dead
In Broken
the love found someone else
if ever there was a gauge to tell u who u love most
isnt it logical to be with that person?
unless u wan to wait for that person to die
or move on to find someone else
whom he/she may not love the most but is gd enough?
i wont
cos i dun want to grow old, be lonely and regret.
which is today
TAMPINES on a sunday
Hell on earth thats for sure.
Its like NY's eve countdown.
You can barely walk.
But at least Party crowd will giv way.
Tamp crowds comprises of mainly old folks and family and, gasps, kids.
Thus they are socially less aware
Like i was blocked at the top of the escalator because old folks and families were trying to get past upcoming crowd and go down the escalator.
I know u can't reali paint the picture reali well
but bottomline is
the whole escalator of people were this close away from having to walk on the moving escalator
and if some idiot falls.
DOMINO effect will occur on the moving escalator.
Personally I dun blame Old folks or Families
But i just think this is totally avoidable if they had made a slighly bigger round to get to the downward escalator instead of cutting directly in front of the upgoing escalator.
Outside my favourite VCD shop
a little girl was holding a plastic bag containing red wind when the (thin) plastic bag gave way.
the bottle smashed at her feet
red wine broken glass all over on the floor
some glass cut her of course
and u cant realli tell which is wine
which is blood
poor girl
was crying her ass off for mummy.
this is totally avoidable too.
If there was jus one more layer of plastic bag
and who lets young girls like her carry glass bottles
(heavy + dangerous eh?)
heavy rain + dark clouds
stirring about the Tamp CPF building like a scene from
instead of thinking of how to get home
I was relating the dark clouds stirring to my uncertain uni place this year
Am i even going to get in?
its so fucked up
I dun even know anything
I should have just stayed home and watched DVD.
my brother got married
the room is now all to myself
so what's junk & what's not?
I still feel like i'm staring at a lot of things i dun need
but dun bear to throw away.
what is this thing called sentimental value anyway?

why the need to make new frens?
2 ways
one is fate brought us together
school, NS etc
cant fight fate
the other way is thru various means to make it happen
online, 2nd degree frens etc
i guess sometimes when we find ourselves surrounded by people who dun understand us anymore
we need new frens
to start a new frenship at a new level of understanding
to actualli have fren(s) to feel at ease with
dun u think so?
of course this is not like migration
old frens of course remains
as close still
but the need for new frens
is undeniable.
i have yet to finis my extremely loud and incredibly close
the small paparback even came out already
im still stuck with the big version
im takin my sweet time on this I am
And a trip to KINO made me wanna read more
so i have decided to finis this extremely nice book
i was thinking of getting this book
seems like an interesting book
one page goes
'if u think about university, go work instead'
basically about how thinking opposites can actualli make ur life better
apparently quite controversial
jus wanna see what is different from what I already know
yes people surprise i know the account
from AHS bible studies and Passion of the Christ
by the way u know Passion means suffering and not emotion right?
a book of short stories taken from TOKYO papers
not stories actualli cos all these r real published articles
very VERY scandalous
I heard in Japan people engage in kinky sex by playing with shit.
hurr hurr, hear`say only larr
If ever i get into NTU Arts
I was thinking maybe i need to redefine my dressing
after all i need to be slightly more ARTY FARTY than now right?
running around naked and hail to the thief wont get me far

anyway i was thinking of painter look
beret + tight black top and bottom + hand carry water color brush
rugged look
demin jacket + white tee + torn jeans + sweaty smell
Ah Beng
Yellow sweater + shoulder length yellow hair + tapered jeans + nokia phone with embedded blue lights
Dark Mascara + Lip piercing + a lot of leather bling bling + black lipstick + rusty metal chains

HMMM....anyone wanna go shop with me?

my blog used to be a portal for my company to download the photos of events/outfields
but since i ORDed and now that they've too ORDed
i guess the focus changed
I have very much less photos now
very much less interesting than before
actualli i loved it when my blog was for sharing of pics
now got nothing to share
KAR MOUR sounds a bit like KAR MENG
which is the cantonese pronounciation of my name
and my name is actualli JIA MIN
cos its MIN from REN MIN (citizen)
know me better budds?
isnt it been a while since I bought stacks and stacks of CD/VCD/DVD?
Ya cos working now hasnt reali supplied me with as much disposable income as SAF
i was thinkin of getting some this coming pay day
FOR DADDY: Fearless + King Kong
FOR MOMMY: Fearless + King Kong
FOR MYSELf *clears throat*
goblet of fire vcd
2046 HK edn DVD (faye is on the cover instead of ZIYI ZHANG)
besides my 2046 vcd has irritating logo flying all over the shop
thx china
my peony pavillion
and tats all
surprised myself too
cos my list is impossibly short
But among other things i also getting CDs ma
COCTEAU TWINS (i found it)

MAYDAY (beautiful taiwan limited edn)
and LEE RYAN (if i find the cheap one in Chinatown)

Friday, April 14, 2006

At This Present moment of time i believe the only people who actualli comes here are those that i reali have frequent contact with and does regularly checks out my thank you if u are here and welcome. and i wanted to say this for a very long time. FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS WHO THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS TO BLOG WHAT I FUCKIN FANCY. GO SUCK SHIT!....Thanks...Now Fuck off. And of course i apologize if the above msg was not intended for you. Hope to see you again. Posted by Picasa
MEGA 2006

Ok...I confess. When this realli happened back then, despite all the political issues and agony surrounding the 9-11, I actualli tot of how the movie based on it will look and when it will actualli come out. Well it actualli came out sooner than I expected. But this Oliver Stone pic looks like an emotional i guess the story probably starts off after the collision and the collapse. But still watch it anyway. Be prepared for angry walk-outs and tearful breakdowns.

Oscar Best Foreign Film 2006... Just watched it for the sake of the honour it received lor.

Looks like a Documentary to me. On censorship. This topic interests me since sec sch. Those in my class would know right?

Park Chan Wook...Woohoo...I liked Oldboy. And just like night, I liked this as well. I never derived more satisfaction then the one i get from seeing the bad guy getting tortured over and over again, with different weapons! Yummy Revenge flick.

Firstly i think this poster will nv make it to singapore. Nudity. And I believe this is like a biopic of The Rolling Stones. So if anyone would be interested it would be Guang. Right bro?

A same brand of horror flick as per The Devil's Rejects and The Hills Have Eyes. In your face GORE. woohoo. and This is a horror-medy? perhaps? cos the story is kinda ticklish.

Gore. Gore. Gore. But this looks like its gonna suck.

From the writer of Minority Report. And with Keanu Reeves. Hmmm i suppose it will be futuristic with a hint of Matrix and Constantine and the poster looks like its inspired from V for Vendetta.

Violent western flick. I guess I would only watch this becos the story is a bit gripping (brothers killing brothers) and because Guy Pearce is inside. Great actor by the way. Memento. LA Confidential.

Gael Garcia Bernal. Yeah..haven seen him since Bad Education and Motorcycle Diaries. Great actor too. And a daring one(Y Tu Mama Tambien). Well the King is about him finding his Dad. And his name is Elvis. But i bet with link.

Gore!!!!!!!...I saw a clip of the fingers getting sawed off. Goodish Fuck Shit

Another documentary. This is directly for the heart string one. But I scared it might be sian.

Is this another remake of the classic? Or it jus happens to be titled the same? Anyway Halloween H2O sucked. That guy (whoever is making this) better do better than that. I still like Dawn Of the Dead the most. the 2005 one please.

My God. I loved the soundtrack. And the Monkey is super cute. Hor? Super cute hor?

I bet this is a political satire. But whatever the case it will poke the politics of everything. If I have the time I might catch. Cos Im not interested in politics...actualli

Justin Timberlake debuts in this show. The guy from The Girl Next Door is in it too. Chilling crime thriller. Or just another Justin MTV. We'll see what other people say when they see it.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Yesh Y'all
I am having the above mentioned syndrome.
I can't think of anything to blog.
As much as I would like to be personal on the blog
It has occured to me that maybe I shouldn't share too much of my life
And of course, definitely not other people's life.
So What Do I BLOG About?

Cars?(I know nuts)
Career?(Who Cares?)
Girls(My life? What girls...)
Movies/Music(By the way thx to Guang, I found a new dwelling in my heart for The YYYs and Sufjan Stevens. Both albums are say, the best I came across recently. Lee Ryan(surprise!) got me singing along all day too. And for action buffs, Please Please Please catch District 13 and also gore fans, The Hills Have Eyes is for US!!!)
Fashion(Run around naked...u get wad i mean biatch??)

I dunno why I have some slang here and there...
probably picked them up while grooving to Emi Fujita and Andrea Bocelli
Erm i mean Best of Snoop Dogg.

2.0 mpx camera (which caused me to neglect my GAME OVER 3.2 mpx real camera)
3G(whatever that means)

Back to Blogger's Blog
Erm i mean BLOCK

Chia Meng U R Fuckin Lame
Someone should chop away ur Fingers(Frengers) so u can't type shit(shite)