Monday, May 22, 2006

Slither is probably the most inventive horror movie i've seen this year
Not that the story is in any particular way awesome,
but I just love it.
I like that it looks cheap
And it can make(made) grown men squirm in the theatre
Its yucky haha
and totally fun
I cant stop thinking about it
I need to get the DVD...

1. Over the Hedge is quite funny. Its like Madagascar (how the animals lead human lifestyles) but funnier. One of my fren even commented that Over the Hedge is like better than the Da Vinci Code. Well haven watched the latter so im in no position to comment. I like Audrey Tautou though.
2. Slither rocks(see above)
3. Cry_Wolf is a cliche high school flick about bored rich kids spreading a false rumour about a killer on campus which eventually becomes real. The kids behave like they r the cool people in OC but they are like a million miles from being that cool. Anyway, the twist is not too bad cos i din expect that to happen. Maybe i did not giv the film much expectations to think so deep into. Anyway no gore. Yawns.
4. Lie with me is a sex movie. The background story and the subject is deep but i doubt most people who watched this movie can see beyond the skin factor. Do u dare to imagine is what the film questions. Alas sex is everywhere in the film. All types of sex. All parts of the body. Haha. The more explicit ones are still on the cutting floor u know, the film screened here is edited. I saw a clip of one of the many many cut portion of the movie. Suffice to say, its like a 9 Songs made in USA.
5. The Nun. If i could go back in time. I will miss this movie and watch Gigli instead.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Where did we bring clever xuan xuan to today?

For Mommy Day Meal lor....@ No Signboard @ Oasis. Missing people include myself my Dad and my Bro in Law(the 2 of them behind the camera, dunno for wad).


Late Night Coffee and Lights

Sorry uncle.... Ur pic with jeremy is actualli too blur to post...should have used flash.

Mini Ming: Can U Stop Bloggin and Feed Me Already?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Herro Everyone
Ya people....allow me to introduce to you Mini Ming.
Like an alter ego of sorts.
I aspire to give people the same kind of emotions they get when they see Mini Ming.
Guess I can try harder.
Anyway Mini Ming has thin long arms and long legs and a tail Haha.
Damn cute la.
Im newly acquainted with Mini Ming so y'all can expect more of his appearance on this space.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ding Dong Ding Dong !!
Movie Time !!

Recently it began again
I have been watching many movies in a ridiculously short span of time
And its not stopping
Ah I love it!
Oh Yea this one.... A direct to video for Spore. But this is actually pretty good. Produced by Wes Anderson from Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, I know this one is no ordinary family flick. The story is structured around a normal family where the parent is undergoing separation. Ok well not a normal family. Dad is a dickhead who thinks he is super clever and very egoistic. Mom is unfaithful once in a while and is not contented with who she is (wife, mother) esp when she has literary talents. Older bro wans to fuck(He's about 16, 17) and younger bro jus discovered masturbation(he's about 11, 12?). As the family breaks down, every member has their own issues to grapple with too. This movie is good at taking the most difficult time anyone can ever relate to at different points in their lives and make it all happen at the same time in the same family, in this film. Imagine Dad can't take losing a game of ping pong to his own kid or a game of tennis to his wife, and having his own child say to him: suck my cock. Well, as I said, this is no family flick. The dialogue cuts like knives and at certain points, I felt the pain.

Latest update: Scream 1 and 3 has been finally released on video uncut at M18. Heh I've been waiting since secondary school. I won't be surprised if Scream 2 comes out as NC16 cos compared to 1 and 3, 2 is chicken shit. be honest I was never quite interested in Judi Dench. Cos she looks boring (and old). Esp when she walked away with Oscar Best Supporting Actress with a 8 second scene in Shakespeare in Love. But what drew me to Mrs Henderson Presents was the display of nudity on theatre at a time where England was conservative. And war came in. Interesting? Ya I think so. The songs are nice and the performance is dazzling. And the nudity is NOT erotic. Its actualli rather artistic as the laws governing the display of nudity in the film is that they must be like those portraits in the art museum. They cant move. So the naked chicks are all stationary. Ok tat aside. I actually find this movie very cheeky. Haha. All the old people inside are very cheeky too. And the people watching these art shows are all soldiers. Which tells us something very true even up till today. A man is at his peak of horniness when he's in army. Very True.

Reel life turns real life. Ok the progress of the story is a chain reaction. Nothing that happened in this movie was deliberately planned, except for the murder la of course. Firstly this movie is about people in the show-business. Fame, money, luxury. Murder, cover-up, sex. Is this the LA Confidential of 2005? Cos there is so much in this movie tat reminded me of LA Confidential. This movie starts off ok...i was dozing off but something happened and I was glued to the TV from then on till the end. Its quite a good detective show as you cant reali tell what e fuck is really going on unless you are the culprit or the corpse or the producer. Yea. So its not cliche. Good. But sorry Hung Yi, the dialogue is not as witty as i imagined. Haha... But the film is interesting as the visual is closely linked to the narration. Eg. Narrator says that this is the part where the good guys despite getting shot dun die. So the main character who was injured is lying on the hospital bed when the other guy who is supposedly dead comes to visit him in a wheelchair. Then the narrator goes on saying like why not jus bring everybody back to life. Haha then we can see all the bad people shot in the head in the chest all the dead corpse walking into the hospital room all looking fine. But later they all go away when narrator says: But it will never happen. There!

I like this version of the poster as compared to the Spore one. This one more class. Anyway Cache is indeed a well made movie. I like the way the credits opened. I cant reali describe it but its the first time i saw opening credits appearing like tat. The whole movie was intercut with images from the video the psycho in the movie took of the family he was terrorizing. And that is a lot of minutes of looking at the same thing. Boring at first but later on it gets creepy. The psycho forced the main character to dig up a childhood memory he wans to forget and bring that dreadful reality in his face. and the climax is very IN HIS FACE (inclusive of the blood splattered as shown above). The trauma also brings out the paranoia and anxiety experienced by this particular family. The Dad. The Mom. The Son. And honestly it could be any family. But I dun like the ending cos there isn't like one. I'm still thinking about whether it was something i missed thus i din get i. Fuck.

Akira Kurosawa is regarded as one of the most prestegious director of modern film. Yes? No? Well I've only seen this so i cant reali compare. But I know Seven Samurai and Ran are classics. Though I heard from people how bad they were. NVM. Dreams is a colourful collection of 8 stories which are all dreams. The images you see in this film are supposed to be something you onli see in dreams. So it is surreal. And the mood of each and every short is very well paced. It feels like you are watching the same movie but actualli they are all different. Cinematography is beautiful and I wonder if there were any digital effects. If not I would love to go Japan sometime. But camera work is shaky. So tats a minus right cos when we dream they are not shaky hor? Either way....A great piece of work lor.

By the way Mirrormask And Final Fantasy: Advant Children, 2 very CGI films which are supposedly very outstanding, did not even register as nice to me. Both i watched halfway and gave up. But they have merits la. Mirrormask is very inventive I must say. And for FF7, im quite surprised that I din like it for someone who spent countless nights playing FF back in those days. I guess its just because i forgot the story. Cos this is connected to the original FF7 u see.

I wanna catch Lie With Me. Supposedly the most sexually explicit film to hit cinemas as of now. Just wanna check out how explicit it is. Anyway its cut. So no matter what there is still something explicit not seen here. And reviews told me its not just about sex, it actualli has some heart. Ok la. Go try. I dun mind watching R21 shows cos I know I cant get them on DVD here later on.

AV is a Hong Kong show about uni students who took loans to hire a Japanese adult film actress to come to HK to star in their movie. Actualli they jus wan to fuck her. Ok but this is not just another dumbass horny HK CAT III movie. In fact, AV is not even rated CAT III. Well the movie discussed how youths can feel lost and confused at a certain point of their lives. How they are driven by physical attributes more than any other things. And how, from the Japan AV actress point of view, people exploit other people's determination to be famous to earn money. How a person can dun care about who u sleep with but must now control everything when emotions are now involved. Hmmm. Good stuff. And the girl is cute too. I dunno how she took it doing it with the fat dude who drools.

Watch Movies with me leh......I'm sian of watching alone.