Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday. we witnessed Tim stepping into a big pile of something called responsibility.
Not mentioning everlasting contentment and bliss.
Well..I nv tot i was particularly close to tim or wad but i guess he invited me solely on the basis we were from G wing and 5 SIR together.
Anyway...damn i din even manage to take a single photo with tim.
like he said jus is clearly not a catching up i guess he was busy running around. he's quite good at running by the way.
back to the point, its nice to see people settle down. now i know what is 'the pressure' everyone is toking bout. well he's the first fren of mine who got im happy for him and his wife.
anyway...i was expecting more army pals to turn up but end up there was onli 1 table of us (1 table of out-of-control monkeys by the way).
but considering his guests came from all over the world, he cant have too many army dudes there to make a circus can he? haa...*eh we might be vulgar but we rock*
All the best TIM...i hope eventually you'll find our writings on the last page of your guest book

Post dinner event...The Labyrinth.
I spent a good hour dreaming while half of them watch soccer and half of them played pool. i only truly woke up when they off the cable tv and put on their normal hall-k session. sang sang sang. I hate my voice sometimes. it jus goes off key without notice. nvm.............................

Its late so I'll zzz
King has already become a log behind me i bet he wont even move if i fart in his face.

*Nothing Compares To You* Sinead O'Connor
Will I find tat true only one?

This is King King.
A photo jus taken before we head out to attend Tim Loke's wedding.
Oh well...he's staying at my place for 2 nights before he goes back to HK
Thx King for getting the 4 vcds for me at such low costs...haha

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Where are you? Who are you? What are you doing?

Anybody seen her?

Well let's cut the long story short. Basically she pulled a 'matchstick man' on me and my colleagues. So if anyone seen Petra above pls get her to call Gramophone. But the likelihood is not even microscopic is it?
To know how to pull a 'matchstick man' on ur frens, watch 'Matchstick Man'!!

Went to the library to borrow books.
got this book of polaroids..was super inspired to start my own photo portfolio for real
a beginners guide to digital so
guide to final cut express...which i need

most of all its actualli the entrance of the library tat's mesmerizing
nv fails to take my breath away
Ah Jamie Cullum concert
so near yet so far
would have been nice if i went

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

5 SIR to 778 SIR ORD parade / Assumption Parade

Well...went back to camp yesterday to see the ORD parade of my men from C Coy. Its symbolic to me on a more personal level because i was there when they all enlisted. The PTP batch esp. So I saw them come, I see them go. My Job as a 2IC is done. They left with fond memories. No regrets. They left as a better person, with something they want to do post NS. Well good luck to that. Met with REG specs too. some of them staying for the next mono, some of them moving on to another tour elsewhere. Well good luck to them too. hope i'll see them somehow or rather in the future in-camps. Ah in-camps...the first being tentatively set as June 2007. My position is prob a 2IC again in our new unit. Hope when i see these people again next year they will be doing well. Haha...seeing these people pack their stuff for the last time and walking out of the company with tat ORD look on their faces, i wouldn't have missed it for the world.
after the parade....
shay tries gymnastic at the train station...
had dinner at brewerks....i cannot believe we were at brewerks but din order any beer...tat is by the way the only place ive been to where girls cheered louder than guys for soccer...the aust 3-1 win is unexpected...
so there...prob the last time we r hanging out with shay before he goes back to brunei...maybe see him in sept or nov or dec or jan or march...he's jus comin back once and then come march he will ord lo...jus like our men at C Coy...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Burn My Pockets Saturday

Before i begin, i mus share this story of a retarded fly who landed in front of me this morning in my shop. it was on the chie and campus superstar cd. so i swiftly placed another cd cover on top of it to squash it. (cos i hate flies esp in my shop esp when im serving customer). Later on when i lift up the cd i realised i squashed it (which tells me its retarded). Then later i noticed it started to move. But upon a closer look its not cos its still alive and kicking. Its because of maggots crawling out of its abdomen. so i hastily threw the chie and campus superstat cd on the ground in a desperate attempt to get the dead fly and its overflowing maggots on the ground. (see above). Can anyone explain why it is like tat? i will never touch the chie and campus superstar cd again.

So Tiang lim is temp going to capitol while someone from there is coming to us to learn from Ilona before she leaves about the end of mth. So we tot we could have a IP outing today. Bad idea. So there we r @ Delifrance at Capitol. Me Tiang Ily and Ilona.

Then we went to Raffles City to shop for a while. The ladies went to Espirit. Their plan was actualli to shop all day and our plan was jus to tag along. (keyword: Tag along). We were hanging out at City Hall for a while, then to Orchard, then back to Suntec for midnight madness sale. We were jus supposed to tag along.

So Ilona and Ily intro me this place at the basement of Raffles City. Chippy. Well...wad we liked was this fried chicken things tat is very similar to the Taiwan Shi Lin one. But the catch for this one is tat it comes with a super tasty Cheese dip. Yum.

By the way I got a hair cut....Boring

So we went espirit @ Raffles City. Saw a nice pants but bought a bag instead. This bag is supposed to be Arty Farty. Good for school use. Not too casual but not too formal. I think its nice. Is it nice?

So thruout the day we went to Heeren, HMV, Annex. I bought some hair dye for DIY. My hair is gonna be a shade of something in between grey and green. Talk about it next week. HMV is under renovation. Sucks. Saw this new cd by Radio 4. would like to try but not on the listening station. next time maybe. then we went back to Suntec via bus, on which Tiang stepped on the toes of one lady which made her moan. anyway. so we r at suntec and i see a lot of fren. I saw Fat, Kenny, Shuyi, Liang and a BMT plt mate i cant remember his name. Suntec was crowded. Almost every shop was opening til one and all having storewide sale til 1. So ilona and ily was climbing on top of other girls fighting it out at fox. Me and tiang went to topman and i got this at 20% off. this is supposed to be nice. is it nice? its not jus me. Tiang bought a laptop bag, a tee, a wallet. ilona and ily bought many many things ba. was nice...but i'm broke.

I still need to pay king king money when he arrive and Tim is getting married. Ha Ha. The downside of impulse.

I just want to post this. Because i think the way my nephew eats is incredibly cute.
Drink Thursday

Aloha.. So this is the first official outing with Shay since he was back from Jungle land. Shared with us the amazing story of how he almost died... Yup tat night is a C Coy things la. Got Hung Yi, Jeremy, Eeks and Shay. Harry flew aeroplane on our ass. Sort of. Haa anyway, Tat night was much more like a update session for everyone. How Shay is doing. What I am doing. How C Coy is doing. How is Jeremy and Eeks studies and so on. We went to eat at the sort of food market beside the Meridien Hotel and then to Selegie area one of those pubs to drink. Ya...was happy... I'm jus glad my buddy is ok la...u know brunei..very dangerous cockroach...See You guys on Monday camp...home to Best Infantry Unit!!
KTV Wednesday
Yesh ... Went to Partyworld with Miss XY and Chin... Miss XY hai..came late and left early...which pretty much left onli me and old man to sing our throats sore. But I mus say Me and Chin did quite ok that night. And he was behaving himself while XY was there. (dianfang can u believe it?)...Ya...Took quite alot of unglam pics which Miss XY did not approve of....this is the only one which is at least still alright. Ta Da... Was nice seeing you after so the way if u r reading...I've yet to receive ur contact pic....

Monday, June 05, 2006

Time is always there for me to waste.
Why is that?
Just look at what I did and tell me what I achieved...

Today >> Fever...
Sleep Eat medicine Sleep Cant Sleep Go out

So I got Mini Ming a new fren... well i know this monkey business is a bit freaky but jus bear with it la... Mini jus went thru a bad break up. His new fren here has long limbs. His left hand is actually his right leg and vice versa. I'll leave it for you to imagine then.

Was at Esplanade. Saw this promotional leaflet for an upcoming play. So I know my existing movie-siao buddy guang might be interested. Gotta get tickets soon bro!

Was at Muji. Saw this book that has nothing but 8 squares per page. Perfect!! now i can work on story-boards everywhere i go and this only cost $1.60. Hey Guang, if u wan one i got another copy. When are we gonna start making our movie eh?

Was at Earz. Bought this Good Will Hunting OST for $12.90. The music brought back alot of memories from secondary school. And of all people Steph. She was my first love i guess. Now i ain't afraid to say cos she's far far away. I jus regret I never did anything to keep her here. Well I need to do better at this moving-on thing. Im always stuck in a memory of the past. And Ouch!

Was at Esplanade. Hurr. Some colour cones.

Was at Esplanade. Nice Graffiti Artwork.

Also went to the Pop-corn Movie shop. Which reminded me very dearly of a certain movie poster that is now sitting in my room, absorbing lots of sunlight.

Was at home. Spent all my time thinking. Finally told myself there is no such thing as Miracles. Or True Love. Everybody's Just Playing Everybody.

Was at work when I took this photo of Ilona who later took this pic for something and she got it and blah blah. Never did I imagined that she'll leave earlier than me. This sucks. But good for her. haha.

Was at Bugis area this rooftop thing, supposedly the coolest hang-out for teens. Reminded me dearly of a certain time where I was looking at a Kimono-inspired top. I'm a sucker for night-lights. Reali.

The Beautiful deserted building on the other side

Hotel-Intercontinental. That's Zols by the way.

Hot Air Balloon. You can still see it in the sky today.

And so I've decided to get a few stuff. 1) Bag 2)MUJI stationerys 3)Shirt 4)Shoes 5)i-book 6)Belt 7)A life 8)CD rack >> More of less should be there about when school starts in AUG.

I also hope to save up to get my own camcorder. ASAP. I have too much ideas in my head. Drafting them out into the MUJI storyboard book aint gonna be good enough for me. Yea

So have I been wasting time doing nothing spending money or what?

More than ever >> I hate my life now!!! Seemingly fine but inside is an infinity of nothingness. A laugh is jus a spontaneous reaction and no longer an expression of joy. Everywhere I need to go has become everywhere I wish to avoid. Numbness from pain, and pain from numbness.