Tuesday, June 13, 2006

5 SIR to 778 SIR ORD parade / Assumption Parade

Well...went back to camp yesterday to see the ORD parade of my men from C Coy. Its symbolic to me on a more personal level because i was there when they all enlisted. The PTP batch esp. So I saw them come, I see them go. My Job as a 2IC is done. They left with fond memories. No regrets. They left as a better person, with something they want to do post NS. Well good luck to that. Met with REG specs too. some of them staying for the next mono, some of them moving on to another tour elsewhere. Well good luck to them too. hope i'll see them somehow or rather in the future in-camps. Ah in-camps...the first being tentatively set as June 2007. My position is prob a 2IC again in our new unit. Hope when i see these people again next year they will be doing well. Haha...seeing these people pack their stuff for the last time and walking out of the company with tat ORD look on their faces, i wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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