Sunday, June 11, 2006

Burn My Pockets Saturday

Before i begin, i mus share this story of a retarded fly who landed in front of me this morning in my shop. it was on the chie and campus superstar cd. so i swiftly placed another cd cover on top of it to squash it. (cos i hate flies esp in my shop esp when im serving customer). Later on when i lift up the cd i realised i squashed it (which tells me its retarded). Then later i noticed it started to move. But upon a closer look its not cos its still alive and kicking. Its because of maggots crawling out of its abdomen. so i hastily threw the chie and campus superstat cd on the ground in a desperate attempt to get the dead fly and its overflowing maggots on the ground. (see above). Can anyone explain why it is like tat? i will never touch the chie and campus superstar cd again.

So Tiang lim is temp going to capitol while someone from there is coming to us to learn from Ilona before she leaves about the end of mth. So we tot we could have a IP outing today. Bad idea. So there we r @ Delifrance at Capitol. Me Tiang Ily and Ilona.

Then we went to Raffles City to shop for a while. The ladies went to Espirit. Their plan was actualli to shop all day and our plan was jus to tag along. (keyword: Tag along). We were hanging out at City Hall for a while, then to Orchard, then back to Suntec for midnight madness sale. We were jus supposed to tag along.

So Ilona and Ily intro me this place at the basement of Raffles City. Chippy. Well...wad we liked was this fried chicken things tat is very similar to the Taiwan Shi Lin one. But the catch for this one is tat it comes with a super tasty Cheese dip. Yum.

By the way I got a hair cut....Boring

So we went espirit @ Raffles City. Saw a nice pants but bought a bag instead. This bag is supposed to be Arty Farty. Good for school use. Not too casual but not too formal. I think its nice. Is it nice?

So thruout the day we went to Heeren, HMV, Annex. I bought some hair dye for DIY. My hair is gonna be a shade of something in between grey and green. Talk about it next week. HMV is under renovation. Sucks. Saw this new cd by Radio 4. would like to try but not on the listening station. next time maybe. then we went back to Suntec via bus, on which Tiang stepped on the toes of one lady which made her moan. anyway. so we r at suntec and i see a lot of fren. I saw Fat, Kenny, Shuyi, Liang and a BMT plt mate i cant remember his name. Suntec was crowded. Almost every shop was opening til one and all having storewide sale til 1. So ilona and ily was climbing on top of other girls fighting it out at fox. Me and tiang went to topman and i got this at 20% off. this is supposed to be nice. is it nice? its not jus me. Tiang bought a laptop bag, a tee, a wallet. ilona and ily bought many many things ba. was nice...but i'm broke.

I still need to pay king king money when he arrive and Tim is getting married. Ha Ha. The downside of impulse.

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