Sunday, June 11, 2006

Drink Thursday

Aloha.. So this is the first official outing with Shay since he was back from Jungle land. Shared with us the amazing story of how he almost died... Yup tat night is a C Coy things la. Got Hung Yi, Jeremy, Eeks and Shay. Harry flew aeroplane on our ass. Sort of. Haa anyway, Tat night was much more like a update session for everyone. How Shay is doing. What I am doing. How C Coy is doing. How is Jeremy and Eeks studies and so on. We went to eat at the sort of food market beside the Meridien Hotel and then to Selegie area one of those pubs to drink. Ya...was happy... I'm jus glad my buddy is ok la...u know brunei..very dangerous cockroach...See You guys on Monday camp...home to Best Infantry Unit!!

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