Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday. we witnessed Tim stepping into a big pile of something called responsibility.
Not mentioning everlasting contentment and bliss.
Well..I nv tot i was particularly close to tim or wad but i guess he invited me solely on the basis we were from G wing and 5 SIR together.
Anyway...damn i din even manage to take a single photo with tim.
like he said jus is clearly not a catching up i guess he was busy running around. he's quite good at running by the way.
back to the point, its nice to see people settle down. now i know what is 'the pressure' everyone is toking bout. well he's the first fren of mine who got im happy for him and his wife.
anyway...i was expecting more army pals to turn up but end up there was onli 1 table of us (1 table of out-of-control monkeys by the way).
but considering his guests came from all over the world, he cant have too many army dudes there to make a circus can he? haa...*eh we might be vulgar but we rock*
All the best TIM...i hope eventually you'll find our writings on the last page of your guest book

Post dinner event...The Labyrinth.
I spent a good hour dreaming while half of them watch soccer and half of them played pool. i only truly woke up when they off the cable tv and put on their normal hall-k session. sang sang sang. I hate my voice sometimes. it jus goes off key without notice. nvm.............................

Its late so I'll zzz
King has already become a log behind me i bet he wont even move if i fart in his face.

*Nothing Compares To You* Sinead O'Connor
Will I find tat true only one?

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