Monday, June 05, 2006

Time is always there for me to waste.
Why is that?
Just look at what I did and tell me what I achieved...

Today >> Fever...
Sleep Eat medicine Sleep Cant Sleep Go out

So I got Mini Ming a new fren... well i know this monkey business is a bit freaky but jus bear with it la... Mini jus went thru a bad break up. His new fren here has long limbs. His left hand is actually his right leg and vice versa. I'll leave it for you to imagine then.

Was at Esplanade. Saw this promotional leaflet for an upcoming play. So I know my existing movie-siao buddy guang might be interested. Gotta get tickets soon bro!

Was at Muji. Saw this book that has nothing but 8 squares per page. Perfect!! now i can work on story-boards everywhere i go and this only cost $1.60. Hey Guang, if u wan one i got another copy. When are we gonna start making our movie eh?

Was at Earz. Bought this Good Will Hunting OST for $12.90. The music brought back alot of memories from secondary school. And of all people Steph. She was my first love i guess. Now i ain't afraid to say cos she's far far away. I jus regret I never did anything to keep her here. Well I need to do better at this moving-on thing. Im always stuck in a memory of the past. And Ouch!

Was at Esplanade. Hurr. Some colour cones.

Was at Esplanade. Nice Graffiti Artwork.

Also went to the Pop-corn Movie shop. Which reminded me very dearly of a certain movie poster that is now sitting in my room, absorbing lots of sunlight.

Was at home. Spent all my time thinking. Finally told myself there is no such thing as Miracles. Or True Love. Everybody's Just Playing Everybody.

Was at work when I took this photo of Ilona who later took this pic for something and she got it and blah blah. Never did I imagined that she'll leave earlier than me. This sucks. But good for her. haha.

Was at Bugis area this rooftop thing, supposedly the coolest hang-out for teens. Reminded me dearly of a certain time where I was looking at a Kimono-inspired top. I'm a sucker for night-lights. Reali.

The Beautiful deserted building on the other side

Hotel-Intercontinental. That's Zols by the way.

Hot Air Balloon. You can still see it in the sky today.

And so I've decided to get a few stuff. 1) Bag 2)MUJI stationerys 3)Shirt 4)Shoes 5)i-book 6)Belt 7)A life 8)CD rack >> More of less should be there about when school starts in AUG.

I also hope to save up to get my own camcorder. ASAP. I have too much ideas in my head. Drafting them out into the MUJI storyboard book aint gonna be good enough for me. Yea

So have I been wasting time doing nothing spending money or what?

More than ever >> I hate my life now!!! Seemingly fine but inside is an infinity of nothingness. A laugh is jus a spontaneous reaction and no longer an expression of joy. Everywhere I need to go has become everywhere I wish to avoid. Numbness from pain, and pain from numbness.

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