Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Kick-Off

School will be starting soon for everybody.
In my new venture into the studies of art and media, I've taken it upon myself to spearhead artistic works varying in theme, to do by myself.
At the moment Guang & I have agree to collaberate on a new movie. Hopefully we can make it in between schedules and give birth to it by year end. It should be awesome i hope. (I just received my portfolio back from NTU. Those of u interested to see my video can sms me k? i can send u the .MOV file or the .3GP file. Its ok la considering there is $0 budget and 1 pathetic actor(which is me.))
Got a few books from the friendly Central Lending library.
'Short Films 101'
'Movie-Making Course'
'Screenplay for American Beauty'
'Movie Mistakes' - for my own pleasure caused i want to see Russell Crowe's watch in Gladiator

Yep! This time i'm determined to make a good standard movie, with $0 budget of course. This is quite an experience as Guang and I are trying to do stuff the real way, as in with scripts and shite. The book also said that there is no harm making more movies and experimenting. Like any other skills, the more movies made will only bring in more improvements. There's absolutely nothing to lose. Unless I'm dumb.

I also did some research on design books as I felt maybe i should get a pictorial portfolio going.
Ideas includes taking photos of weird/colourful stuffs unique to your(my) vision and further adding effects to bring out the desired outcome. Somehow there will be bananas involved and chopped wooden horses and sandpaper and water colour.
I also intend to start a series of photos with the theme household brands. Very Uniquely Singaporean brands. With the following ideas in mind.
1. Many books on the market have appliances from USA, Japan, Germany. Singapore leh?
2. I jus wan to include the Thailand rice brand CHIAMENG.
3. An item on its own can only stand out when placed amongst its own or with others.

28 July Movie Marathon.
The Libertine - Johnny Depp and Samantha Morton. Quite a talkative period drama that failed to interest me. The only part I felt interested in was the play Johnny Depp staged. About Dildos. Yes its R21 and actualli very straight-forward. But I couldn't care less maybe because for more than half the show I felt like peeing but didn't go cos i kept telling myself the show is ending soon. But they just won't stop talking.
Dragon Tiger Gate - Action Flick. The fighting is pretty cool actualli. Donnie Yen is the best fighter. Nicholas Tse is surprisingly not bad. Shawn Yue is a loser. Besides the fighting there reali isnt much credit u can give to it cos no one can act in the show. A HK blockbuster made for Secondary School kids and any Ah-Bengs and Ah-Lians who still is and made it past tat age.
Hard Candy - A Guy meets a Girl. Oops too young. But Fuck it la. Just go ahead with it. The next thing he knows he's tied up and facing an impending castration to be performed by the girl. A very simple movie. Pretty also cos the shots are very colour coordinated. But the edge to this is for the entire movie, you will never guess what happens next. And its one of those shows tat you want to know but you cannot figure out rather than those you dunno and cant be bothered. You cant decide if the guy is the big bad wolf, or the girl is the wolf wearing a little red riding hood. Tension built is great. Maybe the guy deserved it but you feel sorry for his predicament. Yep. Nice...Its the best movie i saw for that day. Hey buddies beware! Hard Candy got leaves one if you see the poster. The Award winning leaves.
29 July 2006
The Lake House - I will prefer this to Il Mare no matter how. Cos i like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. They are the best screen couple...ever.
Alumni Dinner 2006
(A Bit Waste of Money)
So AHS has celebrated her 50th birthday with an abrupt change of school song and a lacklustre attendance for the dinner.
Here's who's who at the dinner...
My one yr junior batch...
Quite a close bunch of friends to me...
Kelvin and Chonghao is missing from the photo.

I believe they are 2 yrs my junior...
Very garang one...many from their year turned up cos graduated not too long ago..4 yrs my junior
My Batch...Still this same old few...
Kim from GGs...2 yrs my junior
Derek Weihong and Kangli

**Xielaoshi has the massive group photo of all of u can contact him on MSN for it**

whenever i waited for my bus at the eunos mrt i'll see this.
the feeling i get is very melancholic
and i wonder about a lot of things
they are more beautiful and always more depressing
than sunrises...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Why I'm going to the cinema??

The latest from Michel Gondry... Starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Should be a very illustrous treat.
I watched Garden State. I liked Garden State a lot. So now Zach Braff is teaming up with people who wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash(which I liked a lot)...hmmm....
Gael Garcia Bernal... Actually this film was released at Cannes last year come haven reach here yet huh?
I assumed this movie is about some fat loser looking for sex. I like fat(the glutton who died in Se7en), loser(Napolean Dynamite) and sex(Y Tu Mama Tambien, erm Lie With Me, Boogie Nights.......). You see?
Kelvin is a good friend of mine from back during BMT days. Saw him by chance this morning while going for a swim. Haha...Tat slacker.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Someone changed the AHS School song?! WTF


Ok so tomolo this didi will enlist...
a kind hearted ah-beng...sort of
well see the middle finger...good
should be able to get used to life 'inside'
but funny how he quit smoking jus last mth
mus be thinking army sure cannot smoke
ah poor thing...harrharrharr

Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching Dusts

What's up with my past few weeks?
(Not In Any Order)

1. Watched Basic Instinct 2: Pretty blurry: dunno who killed who?
Sharon Stone is just trying to be a slut.

2. Watched Cabin Fever (by Eli Roth before Hostel): HurrHurr....You Guess La
I Like onot?

3. Applied for study loan: currently sitting on an assful of debt.

4. Watched Royston's Shorts: Very inspiring set of movies. But he said being a film-maker=no money...sigh

5. Left Gramophone: Now Slacking. So Shuang...So un-rich

6. Developed some photographs @ 25cents a piece. Super Duper cheap isn't it??

7. Received OST for Tokyo Drift from my colleague as present. Hmmm....thanks AIDA. bte tokyo drift is the coolest OST this yr so far. Do check it out.

8. Bought Hotel Costes Etage 3 for myself. Hotel Costes is reali farking the best lounge albums ever. Stephane Pompougnac reali can't go wrong man.

9. Bought many many cheap china-made chinese albums. Li Sheng Jie, Fan Yi Chen, Li Jiu Zhe, No Name...Also Nan Quan MaMa...which are all awesome. K Box...I'm ready!

10. Listened to the CDs Shay left for me(No Shay's not dead...but close. He's in Brunei). Sergio Mendes, Black Eyed Peas, FiFa 2006 and Daniel Powter. Goodish.

11. Went dinner with Harry and Hung Yi and Teen(supposedly). Aim: To celebrate our ending of work stint and farewell to Teen who left for Aust. Well I guess Teen's plane took off a bit earlier. Took off at the dinner(cos he din show up..Ha Ha).

12. Working on a new movie. A Love story involving dreams.

13. Finished watching the movies King King got from HK. Jarhead is fantastic. So nothing..haha. House Of Wax has gratituous gore. Brokeback Mountain...well u know...And Transamerica, which is a very very offbeat family road movie. Good shit ah tat one.

14. Currently waiting for some DVDs to be delivered.

15. Waiting for school to start (frankly can't wait)

16. Pure Acoustic is the coolest compilation to come out this year. (chop!)

17. Day by day watching the sunflower given to me die. Reminded me of many things.

18. Will pack my room, rip all my CDs into my phone and watch all the pending DVDs/VCDs before school starts.

19. Will get laptop and hopefully a V-Cam shortly after school starts.

20. Faye Wong announced she's quitting showbiz. I hope she's lying, like how she always lied about her album release dates.

21. There's a lot of natural disaster going on now. So sad. Those war extremists can u all stop it and listen to what some powerful person is using the disaster to tell us? We have quakes and floods and eruptions. We dun need bombs...Grow up!

22. Cut and Dye hair before school starts. I hope no one will recognise me.

23. Maybe i should start catching up with old pals. I have 493 frens in my frenster. Do i know them all? Still?

24. I wan to watch 4:30 before it stops its run.

25. I wan to watch The Lake House. Pls watch Il Mare before watching it if u intend to. Put in some room for comparison.

26. I need to get a tan...again.

27. I need to start jogging and chin-ups and sit-ups and shit. Again.

28. I need to visit my fren.

29. I need to look for my nephew. And pamper him. Hee Hee

30. I will post pictures the next time round. Very lazy la. Now also no picture to post.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My first artistic drawing ever!
The Labyrinth ... Again
Ok we were there after Tim's wedding
Watched world cup played pool and Sing k(which is just me /chin)
actualli the next day we were there again
after an afternoon of sing k(which is jus me king and chin)
a dinner at PS(which is a screw-up, my bad)
and played pool watch work cup and sing k(which is jus me/chin)
finally after almost a year i can sing HUO GUANG without off key lo(sort-of)
The above pic is quite nice
but wait til you check out the videos of wad embarassing things Darius did with the pool table.

Free Newspaper Fever
The Above Picture Proves That King King Had Been To Singapore.