Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kelvin Bai, You Wei, Rot and Jeremy.
Glad to see they r doing fine.

Just Before the MID TERM break
Davier has problems. First he shared how he sort of ripped his gums when he was younger. And that made me wonder if that is the reason why this phenomenon takes place all the time. In the pic (above) is a piece of meat from the Mixed Grill. Somehow it escapes his mouth. Does Daviers mouth have another hole?
And I guess he experiences nose-bleeds too. Does blood come out from the mouth too?
Matthias experienced some finger bending strong winds from the East.

Mother Mattina ushers in the Light of Hope and Eternal Safety from the live firing area.
I was supposed to draw Trauma.
Photo Session A

Oh Yea..The $1500 camera
which was used to take pictures of water
I used my HP to take this. If the pics are arranged correctly you can see that i am walking. This arrangement of photos look like a particular Faye Wong album. I think its 'SKY'.

Meet for Homework day

To curb Davier's disappointment to yet another no-tuesdays-waffles week, we deliberately arranged to meet for assignment this week and grab the waffles at night. But all was almost lost when our assignments wasn't finished. But we made alternate plans and like a flash, we zoomed from Boon Lay to Taka Art Friend and to PS Gelare and Daiso. All within 3 hours. Davier was happy. ShiCong and Mattina and Me, somehow, seems to be happier.

So we brought Davier, who is not so happy, to Selegie Coffee Shop for Food and Tiger Therapy. All was well after that.

Western Art History Presentation

So they were presenting on the topics of Medieval Animals. and they were gonna dress like animals. But help me, I can't make out wad animal Jerly is..

Linda is a bunny

Matthias and Dion(Guo Shi Wen) are Crocodiles

Shoe is the kitty

Photo Session B

This super exposed photo is not a result of over exposure or photoshop. Its a real image taken by N6280. Just click snap once you start the camera. Everything will be very exposed.

Shi Cong is wearing white. Thus Davier has found a better use for him besides a subject.

He can be a deflector. And a mobile handphoe wallet carrier for the model.

My Mouth - Image used for the organic/inorganic composition
Davier's Logo - Reinvention of a familiar logo
Davier's Tee Design - Organic/Inorganic composition (Davier spit blood)
Dion's Composition - Organic/Inorganic composition
Fiona's Handprints - Organic/Inorganic composition with paint and burnt cloth
Hazel's Tee Design (on Jerome) - Organic/Inorganic composition
Linda's Bracelet - Accessory Organic/Inorganic composition
Mattina's Hell Le Kitty - Logo Reinvention
My Pimples - Logo Reinvention
Shicong's Morph - Shape transformation
Shihui's Tee Design - Organic/Inorganic with Twine and Petals
Shoe's Tee Design - Organic/Inorganic drawing with fabric paint
Yizhi's Morph - Shape transformation
Personally I find the works done by my fellow classmates are all pretty good and they are great inspirations for my future works. Isn't it great? Learning from each other.
The Original Artists own the rights to their works.
Having Fun With A Lousy Computer

Saturday, September 16, 2006

With Every Breathe

It has been 6 weeks in ADM.
I definitely could draw better now and have better visual concepts.
If not the 6 weeks have been a waste of time so I cannot say otherwise.
Homework is piling a bit but I can handle them if i stop wasting time to think
Completed my first History Project.
Quite ok la though I feel my group wasnt so pleased with it.
Joined film society but I have yet to attend any of the sessions
The ADM film fest meeting is also always so last minute how they expect me to turn up.
Currently working on 2 films to be made this sem and next sem.
Currently looking for tuition to earn extra bucks and meanwhile intending to work part time at Gramophone.
Academic life seems to be the only change in my life.
Everything else is just moving on and on and on.
Status Quo.

Getting whiter, fatter and uglier by the minute
And my stuffs just have to so decide to run out or spoil now

The Battle of Devils

The Devil wears Prada
Ok. I conclude that this is a chick flick. Girl sees world and learns about love, herself and fashion scene politics. But its ok la. There are some cheap laughs but watching Meryl Streep is so good. She like single handedly placed this movie far away from other chickier flicks like Legally Blonde. Kudos Meryl. Advise: Read the book instead and watch the film for Meryl.

Art of the Devil 2
R21 for violence gore and disturbing content. From my memory this is the 2nd film in Singapore's short R21 history to be rated as such due to Disturbing Content. The first being Three...Extremes. Anyway, the gore and stuff perks me up. Its sick it turns me off sometimes. I grunt and feel uneasy in my seat. That is quite something considering I breezed through Hostel. The bad thing about this movie, which I totally agree with 8 days, is that the story could have been developed better with less lopeholes.

The last not bad movie I saw is still Lucky Number Slevin.
Hope The Intimate, Banquet or Friends with Money can change that.
What Do Art Students and their Friends (hence the term 'art friend') do when Life gets extremely stale?
See from various perspectives
Be Harsh on surrounding details
Write Nonsense
Bend Gender
Role Play
Be 'Mugged'
Eat like kids
Wear undersized (Be oversized)
Choke Yourself
Everything will go back to normal after school.
Trailer script is an assignment i did in class where i was suppose to do a voiceover for a trailer and from what i say one would be able to deduce the beginning middle and end. i tot the whole zombie thing was quite fun. do u?

Start: It’s a peaceful quiet town with friendly people. (Shot of roof and sunrise with dead headless chicken lying on it) But everything went to hell when you find your Mom feasting on your Dad at the breakfast table. (Biting on his detached arm and his head on the plate with a still sleeping expression) You ran out of the house to see everybody eating everybody else. (Spoof of Dawn of the Dead with running corpse without half a neck) It’s a disaster. (Hid in the car only to be surrounded by hungry cannibals, blank and gun shot) It was crazy and there was no way to stop it.

Middle: Your only hope against the Mom who ate your dad, (show mutated goldfish with dog paws poking thru the belly and still swimming) the goldfish who ate your dog, (show Mr. Lenis and a dude’s dead mutilated body in a science lab) and the teacher who ate your boyfriend and (many crazy corpse running towards the camera) everyone who wants to eat you (blank) could be them. (Show survivors comprising of policeman, Yoga instructor and a pair of twins who look naughty)

End: This year, (dodge bites using other carcasses) learn how to dodge evil bites, (fire bullets to hit nowhere near the target) shoot accurate bullets, (activate a device only to land one of the twins into a whole room of corpse which are trapped and all the corpse stare blankly for a second) execute practical jokes (Miss Yoga meditates with a few other corpse doing the same beside her) and attain ‘Nirvana’.

A new film by XX
Guaranteed to make you think twice before eating meat again. (Image of Blood flowing down covering the title)

Friday, September 15, 2006

And Introducing...
Grp 2 ADM Yr 1
Gavin ShiCong
JiJi and Hazel
LiCheng and Mattina
ShiHui Davier and Dion
Shoe Fiona and Linda
YiZhi and Jerome
Missing Matthias and Jerly..