Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yo Yo Yo
The new video is up
4D Moving Text.MOV
do check it out by clicking on the link on the left under My Clips

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

4D Assignment gone terribly complicated for me
Ya actually i brought it upon myself
was told to select words from brainstorming and present them in a moving text presentation
So i had to make a video
anyway my idea was to take many pictures tat hints representation at the word i chose and use the pictures to make it move as it runs over 30 seconds.
dunno wad i toking?
stay tuned for you-tube then
Thanks for all my pals whom i seeked help for this assignment.
And biggest thanks to my very good platoon mate Xiongkun for actually being the model for me.
And the best thing is he has no issues with being topless
which makes my photo taking process very smooth
The video, besides meeting the assignment criteria, is only a way to reveal man's barity and essential features and elements of the body. (i'm constrained by the words tat came out during the brainstorm). The colours applied is intended to represent the modern world. And the whole video should feel like a clash of some sort.
Hope it turns out the way i intended it to be
with some hint of ambiguity and mild sexual uneasiness
Here are some screenshots:
(ps: XK i hope u r proud of me)

Well....There are some other images tat i find nice but decided not to show
So as not to jinx my video
Wish me luck for the presentation on Friday

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tuesdays waffles slash Davier's Real Birthday
The Latest Tuesday waffles group
Shihui and Davier and me
The busy waiters sending off half priced waffles
Mattina kept staring at Daiso, seemingly hearing its calling
In School...

Mattina and a magnificant NTU water spray
Me with Apollo "Yuki's from Nobody Knows" chocolates and Mattina
Davier's 21 birssday
Check out complete photo collection at his webpage.
The Workshop Has Eyes ...
Sunny looking workshop
joyous but actually very hideous
A place where we spent hours upon hours to do our painting
We got enlightened in class, telling us of an unfinished assignment
Davier: Let me out! No!!!!!!!!!
Hmm...reflections of us doing?
(Can you tell the perspective of the picture?)
Poor Gavin did not sleep the whole night
(the above illustrates not only tat night but many prior nights)
Poor ADM souls
Recent Works from ADMers (I Know)
Jerome's 3D hair
My Milo Peng drawing (Just Kiddin..its brown acrylic)
Shihui's out of this world painting
My 3D Model conceptualized from a leaf
Painting of an object in Achromatic, Monochromatic, Original colour and Dark Room colour

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen

Yep...Done in class in 4 hours
Study of a Male Torso
Probably will not survive the 2000 degrees heat.
So this is the last time I will see it i guess.
If it survives the firing I will post it again.

Do Check out Mark Ryden's work on the net. They are awesome...
surrealist painter
OH NO!!!!!!!!!
Did Shicong get involved in a car accident??
No La
Me and Shicong went to assist our Year Two film-making seniors on their term assignment on Sunday
The abandoned police HQ at Chinatown where multiple shoots take place
Dead Actor
The car accident scene
The technical crew and director (right)
The Massive expensive crane that enable beautiful camera shots
Directors from year 2s on another set
The Smaller crane
The day was very tiring as we ran up and down the place to ensure everything was running smoothly. But I definitely learnt a lot on pre-production and what goes on behind even one second of seemingly simple footage.
To view some ShiCong's star-making video, follow the link
or search karmour on for other videos

Friday, October 13, 2006



Describe the graph shown in Fig 1.1 within 20 mathematical formulae, giving a short description/conclusion after each step of your working. (Marks will be awarded based on accuracy of your working and the clarity.) [10]

Let H be Hansel and G for Gretel
Let P be Parents

From Point A to Point B,
P x S = H + G, where S is the speed of sound of P traveling to H and G.
(H + G) refers to the quantity of fear experienced upon hearing P's plan to abandon H and G in the forest.

From Point B to Point C,
Since fear factor G > H,
(G - H)/T = A, where T is the time G spent crying and A is the quantity of pebbles H collected per second during which G cried.

From Point C to Point D,
Let D1 be the distance traveled by P and D2 the distance traveled by H & G
D1 = 2D2 as P walked exactly twice the distance
D2 / A = Distance between every pebble H and G will see all the way till they reach home.

From Point D to Point E,
This portion is identical to from A to B
P x S = H + G
However, fear factor is inversely proportional to time.
Thus for this part, P x S = (H + G) / 2
Since G > H,
[(G - H) / 2] / T = B, where B is the quantity of pebbles H collected per second.
As there is no value for duration of opened door, B = 0

From Point E to Point F,
Let D3 be the distance traveled by P and D4 the distance traveled by H and G
D2 < D1 < D4 < D3 D3 = 2D4 B / D4 = infinity, B = 0, thus H and G are lost and cannot find their way home.

From Point F to Point G,
y= (H + G)x+ Wx where y is the distance H+G wanders in the forest and W is the singing white bird encountered and x an undefined number greater than 0. x is defined after 48 hours and y indicated the distance they walked before reaching a cake house on which they feasted upon. y is also equivalent to the distance from which E, the evil witch, could sense H and G approaching.

From Point G to Point H,
(F x E) / T2 = integratrion of (H + G), where F is the food of the evil witch, T2 being the time taken for H and G to finish the food. The integration of H and G's hunger equates to the amount of food consumed per unit time. Integration(H + G) is incidentally the amount of food E wishes to derive out of H and G by eating them.

From Point H to Point I,
Let h be the hours E is awake in a day in the given month. hE thus refers to the amount of time G spent working as a slave and the equal amount of time H is forced to eat and grow fat. The amount of energy lost by G = The amount of energy gained by H
G - hE < H + hE

From Point I to Point J,
Let T3 be the time lapse since H and G were held captive. T3 approx 1 month T3 is also the time taken for E to grow impatient and wishes to consume H and G. Amount of energy left in G = G - hET3, G > hET3
(G - hET3) = amount of energy required to push E into the burning oven when E tried to show G how to crawl inside.

From Point J to Point K,
m = 2n2 + 6n + 2 , m is the time taken since escaping from E's house, n is the distance covered.
Differentiate m with respect to n.
H and G will reach a dead end when n = -1.5, with n calculated as a displacement unit.
In other words, H & G will reach a dead end when they head 1.5 units in the opposite direction of the forest from which they came from.
At n = -1.5
H + 2ge > G + ge
H + G + 3ge > Z
ge refers to the weight of gems and treasures taken from E
As the inequality show, the total weight of H and G and the gems are much higher than Z, weight of a duck encountered at the river bank at n = -1.5, which has agreed to take them across the river.
Thus the only solution is for Z to bring H + 2ge and G + ge separately.

From Point K to Point L,
Given that H and G current location is (8,4) and their house, where their father is waiting for them is (4,8)
It is deduced that the equation of the straight line they can embark on towards home is
P = 12 - Q, where P is distance from home from riverbank and Q is time taken. The equation is obtained from solving simultaneous equations.

Q is defined when H and G noticed the familiar surrounding, thus P is defined.

From Point L to Point M,
Let S1 be the situation before and S2 be the situation after.
S2 - S1 = 3ge - 0.5P, where ge is the gems from E and P is the parents.
Thus (H + G + 0.5P) tends to infinity , where (H + G + 0.5P) is measured in quantity of joy.

H and G and 0.5P never needed to worry again for the rest of their lives.