Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome Home Junde
Yep a very good pal of mine from OCS came back for his summer break and only reached home on Monday. And guess wad, XY aka the sister, decided to have a surprise party for our JD here, who turned 22 last night. Oh well... inviting people was very difficult as it was exam period, thus we ended up with a small gathering rather than an actual party. And the SURPRISE! factor was quite lacklustre on JD. Ha ha he din seem too surprised even after we spent hrs roaming around in town stalling time prior to bringing him to Cavendish Park to 'meet' Guang, who wasn't even there. Anyway, there was a lot of food. Yummy food. In stark contrast to the BBQ I last went for which was a birthday celebration of a certain classmate of mine. * food?*

Cut Cake
Sisters and sister's boyfriend
Cousins ... and sisters
OCS buddies
Friends from home and Aussie ... and sisters
Anyway the photos depicted happier times.
What happens later involves a birthday boy flung into a pool.
And his good fren accompanying him down.
a literal expression to the chinese term 'tuo xia shui'.
his good fren in troubled me
So i had no extra clothes, my wallet and everything inside is wet, my packet of ... is wet, MY PHONE OMG!!!
luckily my phone came back to life after CPR from Xiongkun and JD
Hai...i felt so stunned last night cos it was 2130hrs and i was throughly wet and i need to be at PS by 2300 to watch a movie. BAH!
I'll nv attempt to sabo anyone again.
-Lesson Learnt-

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I remember a time when you were barely longer than my arms...

Xuan came into my life 5 years ago on Nov 17 2001.
Hee time flies
Since then our lives has been constantly illuminated by his cute innocent smiles and laughters
Love my darling nephew so much
Went to celebrate his birthday at Swensens on 17th
Bought him Curious George the movie
Dun ask why but i hope he like it.
Many many more happy and cheery birthdays to come eh..
Movies Movies Movies
Kim Ki Duk's latest movie. About obsession with beauty and the paranoia surrounding this obsession. About the grittiness of undergoing the knife. About the doubts on whether there is real love beyond the superficial. Nice Nice Nice. But 3-Iron is still my all time fav. This one, surprise, has a lot of dialogue.
Gore Gore Gore. Yum. Everyone dies.
Nice Korean version poster. The dancing is reali not too bad. If the 2 leads dun groove like they do in the show, ie if they were more stoned, the show will suck.
Great action. Daniel Craig has charisma ya. But yawn, the gambling scene made me sleep.
Long Long Ago...

Ok long awaited picture from Cafe Cartel..actually i forgot if it was already there..i do it again
Funny Masks from 3D class..
Scenery in NTU
Gavin's super duper blow our senses presentaion on his Dettol soap.
Ok yea you rock. You cows and grass.
The never seem to end Western Art History presentations
Mike...thanks for helping me get cheap Biennale books
Davier sees the light
Davier 'hercules' Yoon
Sketch of Jerly and his presentation
On rainy days they close lame roads
Welcome to Gramophone
My god...its everywhere
Mugging...*Mattina's mouth*
Muggin ... my tools
My presentation...advertisement
The actual image...thanks to Jeremy
Me in poser artist cap
Me in a fishtank
Yep...Just another period of time in school before exams

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is the Meaning of my life?

I was just told an amazing trivial. You know how our hands has those hard parts from doing too many chin-ups?
Yea..apparently you can get those too from using too much mouse.
Look at the wonder only the techno idiot like me dun have.

A Day at the Zoo
we had our drawing classes at the zoo some 2 weeks ago.
there were some fake stuff outside to welcome us and loads of good stuff inside
heard that it underwent seom revamp and is now a pretty cool place.
I brought my monkey along. funny
Shicong got attacked by Crocodile. Davier got attacked by the same one in his blog.
Posters. Cute Posters
Our Class with Bridget, our FDN class teacher
Mini scared by tribal things
Mattina and Me and Mini and cancerous baboons
Hungry Hippo (Sorry people.....its a Rhino)
Zebra Crossing?
Oh...So hot
foundation drawing