Saturday, December 23, 2006

Party Of The Year
Licheng / Mattina / Tian Fa / Me
Production Team of 'Fly-By-Party-Of-The-Year'
Well this is sadly the only picture I took that night at Licheng's Birthday/Christmas Party
The food was good (cos I cooked and I ate erm.. a lot)
And when we decided not to sleep the 4 of us went down to the pool area and shot a short film
The editing is underway
It should be awesome and will 'Persona' you to die
Watch this Space
Nights Out @ Loof
JD and Me @ Bendemeer Prata after Loof
Me & Guang

Dawn / JD / Guang / Me

Merry Xmas Gramophone
Ok We were tasked to put a tree near the entrance.
Believe me it wasn't as simple as i tot
The winding of lights is enough to kill me

Glad Josh is having fun !!!!

ABC Concert - Mayday / Chen Sheng / Victor Wong
Tiang / Girlfriend / Me

Victor Wong (tiang favourite)

Monster and Stone


Guan You

A Shin

The Crowd

The Stage

Things In December
VCDs - koyaanisqatsi, one hour photo, american gigolo
Asian 1st film fest - Go Go G Boys (which sucked)

Royston Tan @ National Museum Opening
with Shoe and Mattina

Nietzsche and Sketch Practices

My Brother's New Flat at Punggol

I cut my hair although if you met me right now u can't tell

DVDs - Amores Perros, District 13 and Troy
Say goodbye to Gatsby and Persona

More Sketch Practices

Paintings of 15th and 16th century - wad we need for art history presentations
I hate myself and want to die - depressing songs
Library book and Nice brochures