Monday, January 29, 2007

Movies To Watch

I actually posted this movie poster sometime last year but it was only released recently ah I heard. Anyway, I got very interested in this film esp after reading the protagonist's true story in Jan 2007 issue of Nat Geographic. Its super super sad and sounds very graphic. Can't wait til it comes here.

Oooooooh... sick Gore!!

Joseph Gordon Levitt !! ... By the way Brick is good. As good as they say.
Simpsons the Movie in Glorious 2D

Love the poster and trailer

Child Trafficking // Sad

Spoof of Full Metal Jacket? Ha this better be funny. Kubrick's war flick is one of my favourites mind you.

Happy January

Hi this is Ho Young. He is 7 and he just arrived in Singapore not too long ago with his family from Korea. Im currently teaching him and his older brother conversational english. Very naughty ah this one. Hee
Was at home doing a lot of assignments. Just completed so they are not posted yet. Next time.

A Snapshot of Jerly and Me during 4D class last week. I was in drag for last weeks presentation on Beethoven Symphony No 5. All in the name of art. I'll post the pictures soon.

A Happier way to look at my uniform part 1

A Happier way to look at my uniform part 2
Was at camp for the past 2 weeks preparing for call-up.
Well i can't comment much on army but I'm really glad to see everyone in my company.
Those good old days
Hope they will stay out of trouble till i see them next time.
Jason Goh - I'm taking over your men.
My initial 3D mock up model for the latest project.
Idea was thrashed but its alright. This class is supposed to be about thrasing ideas and coming up with better ones. Anyway, The model tells a story of the first (RA and Gory) movie i ever watched and will always remember. My Prof has told me to think along the Intrigued by Incompleteness line.
Previous week's assignment - Torso muscle study

Back Muscle studies

1 point 2 point 3 point perspective studies

Ta - Dah

Went Robertson Quay for Peter Chen's sculpture unveiling function. Very nice food. Anyway Peter is our 3D class teacher. Primarily teaches us design in 3D.
This is the winning piece of the sculpture competition.
Which is his.
Supporters from my class aka (*free food grabbing art pimps - inc and esp myself)

Ladies - Fiona Linda Hazel

Davier and Shihui

Last but not least a little piece of info.
Travis from AHS NCC yes that one who is our fren
has opened a new store in NTU Can 2.
So if you are nearby, do patronise. As Travis is currently studying, you will only find him on a fateful friday afternoon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey Check Out a new video Here.

If in doubt read below:

Undone Cycle

A 4D Class Assignment on Subtexts

The subtext of this presentation is about the effects of global warming, both the destruction and recovery.

Opening scene of a man picking out the fruits from a plate symbolize man’s intervention into the otherwise balanced environment. The fruits are colour-coded with green representing the trees, orange/yellow representing the sun and solar energy and blue/purple representing the rainfall.

The repeated cycle of eating the apple and grapes is to illustrate a degenerative vicious cycle that takes place when man harms the environment, with the solar element being constant throughout. The last shot of the grape stems was deliberately left longer for the sense of lingering destruction.

During the transition scene from the green apple to the green balloon, we see a change in events as now the trees are growing in quantity gradually due to efforts in conservation. As a result, the impact of the sun’s harmful energy has lessened and the Earth’s rainfall is also slowly going back to a healthy level.

The multiple grids are representations of our efforts. 4 frames of effort to conserve the forest will have a snow-ball effect as a little effort on part of an individual can bring about major changes, resulting in rainfall that will help the forest to flourish.

The last scene is a detached small frame with a scene of a human hand holding the all the balloons in one hand with the yellow balloon (sun) being significantly smaller. That is the utopia of our environment and is presented in a dreamy detached manner to show that it is just an aim and has not been achieved yet but it is possible. Significantly, the human hand seemingly enjoying the balloons is to show that Man will benefit most from the recovery.

In the destruction process we chose fruits as the representation because we feel that fruits are goods of nature and eating them is like a parallel to destroying them. Furthermore, the destruction rate is rapid and not constant, just like how a fruit is eaten depending on how fast the person eats it. In the recovery sequence we chose balloons for their material quality as it is important to show the balloons in their gradual change to show that the recovery of our environment back to equilibrium is a gradual process and not completed in matter of days.

The music is chosen for the sound similar to heartbeats throughout. The heartbeat is to symbolize the existence of Man throughout this cycle, be it destruction or recovery. The vocals evoke a sense of hope and especially so when it starts right at the start of the recovery sequence.

The title Undone Cycle is chosen quite literally. It refers to the destruction and the undoing of the destruction. Undone also means not done yet in another context.

A Joint Project by Tay Li Cheng and Koo Chia Meng

Directed by Tay Li Cheng and Koo Chia Meng
Director of Photography Tay Li Cheng
Edited by Koo Chia Meng and Tay Li Cheng
Music by Massive Attack featuring Elizabeth Fraser – Teardrops
Shot and Cut in 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Was at Vivocity on Friday night
Caught This movie
And it is indeed one of the few movies lately that I feel compelled to recommend after watching.
The story is of this poor orphan born with a very sharp and acute sense of smile, apparently so powerful it can detect scents miles away. Anyway, he was a slow learner and nv reali differentiated bad from good smells. However, a rare trip into town filled him up with many new scents he has nv experienced before and he's capitivated, namely by the scents of young women.
And thus starts his murderous quest to capture that unforgettable scent.
Its sick, and I was very taken aback by 2 key scenes in this film. (which rarely happens)
So go watch it. Apparently according to magazines, you can 'smell' this movie.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

From the team who brought you Wan An
Shooting Day for The Last Date. Was at Punggol but everything sort of did not fall through so we are still at Ground Zero. Hope everything can flow on the 20th.
Was walking home one rainy day and the expressway was pretty. Wanted to make another video to include a rainy road sequence inside. Pardon the low quality pic. Taken using handphone.

A recent minor fetish with wine openers music. Recommended is Cao Ge's Superman / Eternal Summer OST / The Best Of Times OST (which i bought for $2.95!)

Christmas Present from Erlin .. Maybe she's saying something
Sweets from the USA from Bridget - My Drawing Class teacher
Good Movies - MUSA (violence I like) / Dreamers (finally understood what was going on with the subtitles) / Brick (ooh - Joseph Gordon Levitt) / Shallow Ground
Good Books - Anatomy (20 bucks onli!) / Eternal Summer novel (my first chinese novel..should hav been Norwegian Wood) / Korean Art / New 4D Notebook

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Koo Chia Meng
Mattina Zheng
Tok Tien Fa
Mattina Zheng
Tay Li Cheng
Davier Yoon
Mattina Zheng
Koo Chia Meng

Mattina Zheng
Wan An