Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Subtext - Gao Xing Jian

starring jerome, shicong and his friend
more drawings ///

art room confidential

eee....chalk and charcoal

'Boy with a Pearl Earring'

the 'Scream' im sorry i forgot wad painting
We made 17 frames for 3D in 4 hours.



going places

visit people
I dun think I have nice relatives

pre new-year randomness

view from outside my tuition kids' condo
Jerly poser // getting high on my drawing paper

We are tired
Are we? We Are....

Do It
Edgar / chin / hulk

supper at Joo Chiat before hulk left

Corona at Botak Jones with Davier / Shoe / Licheng


Shoe's Double Botak

2D class...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Happy. Birthday.

Fake Clouds

Chicken Chop


Cafe Del Mar

My Sis and her friends along with me and Hulk and half his secondary school headed down to the hyped up Cafe Del Mar at Siloso Beach. Very cool place.
Hulk and Girlfriend



Scene with DJ tower and bar

Its just social. La.

More Classwork

got improve la.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Lentor Incident and 100 Chairs

Taken using Shoe's HP. Can Paranoma one.
Jerly Mattina and Me
Guang and His Groupie Buddy

Shoe's contribution to the 100 chairs.
All 100 chair artworks available for bid here.
Guang and Shoe rocking the Opening

Rong Jun - lead
He's from TJC
My Buddy's Guitar pose