Friday, March 30, 2007

ext. South Spine 4
Xiangying + Daphne + Friend(对不起我忘了她的名字)
came down to
pass me a cake and a birthday present.
I will post the picture of the present asap.
int. sing k room
金文泰的Party World

Wholesome Family Gore
ext. hall 12 garden
生日礼物。Will post detail shots of individual sides asap.

Davier 和Shi Hui
later on i was splashed with water and guang tried to wedge me
but to no avail
and i ate instant noodles for luck
its been a while i guess since i attempted to put thoughts into words on this very visual sanctuary of mine. well i turn 23 tonight. i am now in my 24th year. everything seems a little normal but at the same time a little surreal. im happy. i have everything to be thankful for and i am not really asking for more. many people remembered my birthday. its a sign. there r people around me whom i should work hard for. because of them i should be the best of what i could be. my friends + my family
this song is for you(no subtext...i jus like this song not angsty)
小宇宙 词曲:吴青峰 演唱:苏打绿 左手边有个年轻人插队 看一眼看一眼眼神充满不屑 电扶梯一对情侣相依偎 你看我我看你挡在走道左边 右手边一个妇人丢纸屑 走向前走向前好像没有不对 公车站车门停在我面前 挤向前挤向前把我挤回路边 卖衣服的店员态度就好像 我花钱我花钱只是买她臭脸 不太熟的朋友靠近我身边 他的嘴他的脸充满世故气味 为何这城市为所欲为 我只要只属于我的宇宙 给自己一些从来没有过的 宁静快乐季节 已老去的岁月化成蝴蝶 都飞翔在我的房间 向时间交换来的新语言 和心上的山水说声谢谢 面对着那些不美的世界 都不想不去挂念 左手边车水马龙吐着烟 压过线闯过街直到我看不见 右手边充满暴躁的情节 一支笔一条线通通划下句点 啊……回到我的世界 啊……无谓的事都走远 左手边窗帘拉开了一些 我的房间我的身边多了一些光线 一瞬间瞳孔缩小了一些 我的房间我的身边充满鲜艳蓝天 右手边音乐放大了一些 我的房间我的身边多了一些气味 一瞬间心门拉开了一些 我的房间我的身边充满想像空间 啦…啦… 啦……
love, chia meng

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recent Works

Skeleton drawing with 2-Colour Rendering

Calender with Acrylic

Portrait Sketches with Charcoal

Monday, March 19, 2007

Guoyao 结婚咯

OCS people and 1 Air Stewart
(when it comes to taking photos...) Trust No One but Yourself
The reason why Guoyao and Yours Truly is not in the picture is bcos
the girl in skimpy white dress cannot stop shaking or blocking the aperture for tat matter

The Handsome Groom
My OCS Platoon mate / Unit fellow PC

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Film Production ...
on a friggin saturday

clouds in adm
a pic of me before i suffer from serious back ache from
rolling around too much
i hope guang's movie will turn out great
i mean
im in it better be good
watch me dance!! (w. mattina)