Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exclusive Film Still

Oh Yes
Currently in the final phase of film editing.
Looking forward to the screening on 22 JULY.
learnt many many things during the production of For Fifty
as well as The Last Date. I better make sure my mistakes dun occur again during next semesters production class.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Consumer Advisory - Contains Coarse Language (Death / Gun)

Don't go away Don't go away
Don't go away Don't go away
狂舞吧 勇氣
狂舞吧 with me
Don't go away ...
Don't go away ...
what are you looking at?
ethnic minority girl
a photograph by liu zheng for his photography project
pen ink on paper by
sorry bridget haha

Saturday, June 23, 2007

After waiting a year or so, Finally...

I almost cried.
The young actor is really..remarkable
My Room in Transition...

Looks more spacious...and very Jevon-esque
I must do some drastic change...
I must...

Friday, June 22, 2007

alex at my hall
so called to enjoy a few hours of hall life

the door doesn't open there?
good boy. studying.


Jevon is moving house and has given me some pieces of his furniture to my house.
On the lorry, he is like a whatever la..never wear shirt and sat all the way from Boon Lay to Eunos. Ma de. His house, the once famous For Fifty set, has been emptied of all its glory.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Big Discoveries
tried to clean up and arrange my room tonight and i find myself in deep shit. my cds are everywhere and i need to find space for them. which is something my house but as i got into hours and hours of digging and wiping, i came across so many things that reminded me of who i used to be. (and what i've become).
i nv had this much cds when i was in sec 4. the qty grew incredibly high during the last few years.
messy corner of room 1
messy bed
messy corner of room 2
have to clear this part as i am throwing this whole thing out.
amone many things i discarded some actually have sentimental values.
this Goofy piggy bank has been with me for the longest time. i think primary school till now. the irony is i nv saved any money in it before. in fact i nv saved any money anywhere before until i knew what a bank does. haha.
this pikachu was given to me by my juniors from NCC when i caught chicken pox in sec 3. i rememeber saywei and joel and some other guys at my place late friday night after their training. and they told me to smell it cos although not everyone was there to visit me, i can smell their sweat cos everyone hugged it after training. eh..disgusting but sweet.
we have right?
we have cds and mp3 right?
and i found this from a stash of something. i found my adm tee shirt too. haha from the tea party last yr.
this is my furry neo-print book. its images will bring me back ten yrs ago. See posts below.
a new lamp that was in plastic wrap for a very long time. i guess about a year liao. but still can work. woo-hoo.
i wished i did not find this
haha..stash of photo cards..see below.
woo. polaroids. see below.
after cleaning and arranging. now my whole life is in my room.
empty. empty.
and i no longer need to use the laptop in the living room lo!
haha..NCC Part C 2000. I graduating very soon at that time and behind me(the left guy in white) was the platoon that will proudly take over from my batch. this pic was above my OCS sword and was always framed and placed visibly since the photo was taken back in 2000. lots of pride?
oops sorry xy...see below
my officer cert..which i found and tot to myself: oh ya i got a cert.
so neat. my vcds. so many many.
the poster which is still under-utilised and still in plastic wrap. to see its first day at my place watch TRY. Click on link under My Clips.

Photographic Evidences

hmmm a very fun group of people. my ncc juniors. used to hang out with them a lot. even more than my own batch of NCC guys. heh.
my ncc platoon mates. we always have a lot of fun together. like go out. most vividly i remember we always stay behind in school after training on fridays to kick soccer. i was nv interested in soccer but i enjoyed the company of friends so i waited for them every single week. the training was nothing. the soccer was when the cohesion reali built up believe it or not.
more NCC juniors. we always met up. sometime for no reason at all. and its always in a fairly large group.
my BMT section. Amos is the only guy i still contact once in a while. haha he is going for ICT tomolo. damn sway la. i see hans once in a while. zhirui calls once in a while. oh kelvin lim. we swim quite a bit cos we live near each other. haha but he busy with smu lerr.
Platoon 2 Gryphon Coy
Platoon 3 Golf Wing. The best trip in OCS.

Neoprint Whore
in the absence of digital camera when i was schooling, my friends and i take neo-prints a lot. it was cool and as a person who enjoys photographs, i take a lot and i collect them from my friends. and now i look back, im really glad i did that because i have a lot of rare and exclusive pics of our life in AHS that many dun have. here goes some of my best-of...
We see kaili, xiaoyan, edna, weilin and kanghong(kaidi)
steph and gwen.
my fren andrew and shilin. i suppose my fren fell sick not too long after this pic.
group pic for 2B. Payne's chinese write wrongly. we see kangli, yanzhao, steph, philip and stanley. of course and payne(read: pay-nee)
me steph and payne took a lot a lot of neo prints. steph and payne took even more
me and kangli also like to whore ourselves at the neo-print machine.
weilin was my classmate from sec 1 thru sec 4 and thru JC. 6 yrs. but we never got quite close as we could have haha. but it was ok la. i ended up knowing her pretty well.
NCC group. we see kangli, eldine, boo, jengwai and kelvin kok(not ncc)
3D group. weilin shuyi(mei mei) yingli me and eldine. eldine was my bff in sec 3 and 4
superb deer in the headlights by steph and payne. looking at this pic nv fails to make me laugh.
my childhood frens mandy christina and junwei. all of them used to stay above my level when we were very young.
more 2B pics. in sec 1 and 2 steph payne kangli and i were bffs. kl used to like payne and they dated for a while. ha. i liked steph since sec 1 thru JC .. but we nv got together. my bad.
OMG. Brian(NCC) in good old days
We see clement in this pic. clement was in NCC and has always been a very good friend of mine till today. although we were together in NCC for sec 1, i only knew he existed in sec 2 when i asked loudly, who is clement? he was in the same class as steph in sec 3 and 4
NCC juniors FAT and Saywei. Fat used to hang out with the more english speaking group of friends. but i used to hang out with fat a lot too. going biking with them and doing a lot of weird stuff. liang and xiaolu and yeow blah blah...
more steph and clement.
shiwei from TJC. my ex.