Sunday, September 30, 2007


我们 似乎忘了经历过的以前
牵着手的暖和都渐渐 冷化
两个人 一起背过幸福的重量
现在却一个人 扛起退热的负担
紧抓着我的双脚 不放
消失在 天与地 结合的交叉
我 独自在道上向后
对前方的空洞 不停发问
“我 会不会想你?”
“泪流 会不会听我的话?”
今夕 告别昨夜
去理解我 究竟有多远吗?

imagery. kt tunstall. time.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trying to capture 2 heads and the decoration
mid autumn light deco at Central


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


NTU's School of Art Design and Media Digital Film Production is holding our second casting auditions this coming weekend. The details are as follows:
Mark Your Notebooks
29 Sept Saturday & 30 Sept Sunday
*scape Youth Centre
Level 1 Cube 3
113 Somerset Road
Singapore 238165
For general enquiries, please contact Jonathan at
The place is at the youth park where the Kopitiam is, opp Cineleisure.
Budding performers and crew members do remember to come down for this audition as the location is far more convenient than the first one held in NTU.
I will be updating the post with specific required roles from time to time so do check back.
Finally, do encourage anyone you know who has a flare for performing to join this audition.
It is a pretty good exposure I would say.
If anyone of you want to come, I will be pleased.
Hope to see you.
Required Roles Based on Scripts:
1. Charles, a guy between 20-25, average build, able to express sadness and fluent in mandarin. Smoker required.
2. Young Desmond, a withdrawn transfer student who later befriends Max and begins a lifelong friendship. Chinese male, 8-10 years old.
3. Young Max, an outgoing boy who befriends Desmond. Chinese male, 8-10 years old, cheerful and outgoing.
4. Desmond, a professional working overseas who comes back to attend his best friend’s funeral. Unable to accept the fact, he revisits his old school to seek comfort in his memories. Chinese male, 25-30 years old, thoughtful look, able to cry.
5. Jeannie, Max’s sister who is sending Desmond to the airport. A contrast to Desmond who doesn’t accept the death of Max. Chinese female, 25-30 years old, able to drive.
6. Terence, chinese, 170-178cm, thin, male, looks 25-28, brooding exterior, troubled past, must be able to act emotionally charged and disturbed.
7. Young boy (main lead), 5-11 years old.
8. Mother, perhaps in her late 30s.

(Please direct further enquiries to

Monday, September 24, 2007

Dinner & Dessert at Liang Seah

Mattina the FAKE S.H.E. Qidi Poulty Lip
Qidi Poulty Lip #2
Mid Pic Mise En Scene
More Fake S.H.E.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Suitable For Minors.

The Official MDA Rating of Our Recent Short Films are as follows:
For Fifty
Rated R21
Passed without cuts

Consumer Advisory: Mature Content/内容只宜二十一岁及以上
Strictly for Film Festivals only. Not for Commercial Release.
The Last Date
Rated NC-16
Passed without cuts

Consumer Advisory: Mature Theme and Disturbing Content
This is a very overwhelming moment for Davier and me.
For friends holding on to a copy of our private DVD, please do take note that they are not allowed for distribution.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Casting Call #1

A group of young film-makers will be embarking on a series of short film productions very soon and we are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to lend their craft and time to our projects. We are unable to promise monetary rewards but we hope that through this experience, you
can learn more about performing for the screen to fulfil your thirst for acting and eventually seeing your own hard work being screened at festival circuits and other open screenings.
For more information or queries, please contact our casting co-ordinator Jonathan at
Join our production! Be part of the next frontier of local cinema.
If you wish to join us as film crew, you are welcomed to contact Jonathan as well for more details.
They asked me to stop after the first verse and chorus.
I dunno if that's good or bad.
Green Tea Coffees. Red. Foot Fetish. Miniature Friend. Pink White Balance. Fake Telephoto Lens.

jon.g and mattina at starbucks.
there ain't no one to bye-bye or hallo to.
taking up olympia pose and becoming vermeer-esque.
tugging jon's strings.
scratchy dirty nails.
eye left.
the whole jon.
mattina pouty lips.
jon's knees.
We were bored.
The Japan Film Fest was nice.
The Ballad Of Narayama.