Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the visitation scene from 819 DAYS
DOUGLAS holds on to the handrail with no force coming out of his arms on its own will. He was still paralyzed partially by the pain caused by the wound right along his chest. He was unsure of what would happen when he turns into Ward 3B, and finally meeting Luke, someone around his age but in totally opposite conditions.

Douglas stops under the Ward 3B signboard. He imagines grieving relatives and friends in complete anguish gathering around Luke, accompanying him during his final hours.

Luke was set to die today. His parents had wanted Luke to pass on today during their wedding anniversary. Douglas enters the ward and was surprised to see nobody but Luke lying on the bed. There were tubes poking into every visible vein on his arm. He was on respiration aid and drip. He was on life support. The sound of the life signal monitor was what prevented the silence from drowning everything. He sat beside Luke.

Hi Luke. (beat) I don’t suppose I will ever have the luxury to have known you as a person, as a friend.

He glances at the similar wound across Luke’s chest. It was bleeding slightly as seen from the stains on the bandage.

DOUGLAS (con’t)
I was expecting to see your family here. Although I have absolutely no idea of what I should say to them, or even what I would introduce myself as, but I was sure I had to see you.

Douglas hastily looked down, as if afraid to make eye contact with Luke.

DOUGLAS (con’t)
I guess I just wanted to tell you that a part of you is still beating inside of me, and rest assured I will take care of it.
Douglas looks at the life signal monitor, which is the only thing reminding anyone that Luke was still alive. He feels his own heartbeat by pressing gently on his own bandage, which caused a slight stingy pain on the wound.

It’s the same beat Luke. It didn’t change. Maybe one day it would be my turn to surrender your heart back to you. Or maybe have me part with it too, somehow.

Douglas stood up and took Luke’s hand into his own.

DOUGLAS (con’t)
Thank you, Luke. And sorry.
'in a reclusive chaos'

On the set of Empty Heart. Messy.
Monk's Hill Secondary. Noisy.
The canteen. Silent.
The Garden. Empty.
*like dianfang, jonathan somehow used the same lens
'a room with a view of fish'

+ 10 photographs of my room +

Monday, December 10, 2007

Empty Heart / 空心 DVD

1. Full Version DVD @ SGD 6/-

  • Empty Heart Original
  • Empty Heart - Repression Edit
  • Deleted Scenes / Additional Footages
  • Empty - Original Short Film
  • Short Films - Blues / Songs / The Sound of Home
  • FIL210 Trailer 2007
  • Specially designed DVD packaging

2. Screener Version DVD (FOC)

  • Empty Heart Original
  • Empty Heart - Repression Edit

This DVD is for private distribution only for family and friends.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Upcoming Good Stuff

Michel Gondry!
Asian Remake - Like the poster!
Gorgeous Lust Caution poster
Wong Kar Wai!
looks ... cool