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empty heart/ 空心

Thanks to Alvin Lee
who bought this gorgeous package for me from Japan
so nice until I dun think I will ever smoke it.
Anyway, I saw Singapore's Marlboro Black boxes
on the market yesterday
They are called Marlboro Icon.
Same (steep) price but the packing is really over the top.
There's embossing of the logo and the label on the box
and the best thing of all
in progress ...
Kelvin gestures Julianna closer and hugged her tighter.

Kelvin (cont’d)
What can we do after my surgery? Let’s go see something.

What do you want to see?

Rain. I want to see how it causes all that noise. And thunder.


Yep. Lightning.

Kelvin sits Julianna up. He started touching her face.

Kelvin (cont’d)
I can’t wait to see you. Just 4 more days. And maybe 2 more weeks after.

As his hands brushed by Julianna’s face, we see her full face for the first time. we are shown her imperfection, a big dark blotch on the left side of her face. Julianna looks away at the light spilling into the room.
Curry Devil
A Monologue by Elizabeth de Roza
I'm currently shooting multimedia video for Elizabeth
(thx to Zihan who passed me the job)
I'm quite delighted with the quality of footages
taken on my HV30.
The play is about a Eurasian woman's journey of
discovering her roots via stories
of experiences and her family.
The above screen capture is something I shot
in relation to her thematics of catholicism and food.
Do support this play if you are interested.
Its part of the Substation Septfest.
(Which Shannon's Jurong West St 81 is in too!)
'im still eagerly anticipating my 8mm roll and the
long-overdue completion of Test Shoot's sound design'
also thanks edwin for his hands
中秋節 - 總是能讓我一年又一年地
6 weeks into school. No joke.

One more gruelling week before the one week mid-term break.

Directing class is rubbish. It's like a combination of the 16mm class and Intro to Drama and Performance. That I find a disappointment. The only interesting thing for me is the 5000 word essay on P.T. Anderson. Which is sad.
16mm class is getting cool, for me at least. I mean how can I be a film-maker if I never worked with film before? We are supposed to shoot 2 30-sec TVC for the course, one product and one for the school. For the TVC I'm the Focus Puller (because I happen to miss class that fateful day)! Basically I'm the guy that no one remembers when the film is ok but will be finger-pointed by everyone if something is wrong. As scary as it sounds, I really learnt a lot because I'm in touch with the camera and lens a lot. I like being a focus puller actually.
Drama is super super fun. A lot of practical movement based class. Alfian and Mattina is in the class too! The first presentation me and Alfian played a pair of roommates who converse while im shitting. Then the 3 of us played 'The Critics'. I played greenhorn actor Gary, Mattina played 40 year old diva Eileen and Alfian played Spinoza the critic. So over the top I must say. Mattina really got into the catty things. Next for our mid term, Alfian and I will be presenting something from his Asian Boys Vol.2 script and Mattina will be presenting something from The Optic Trilogy with Elgin, who by the way has a film I quite like here. The weekly 500 word journal and the readings are a chore though.
New Tech class is also quite nice. Every week our prof Scott exposes us to many cool technological stuff that can be in some ways merge with cinema. But some of them are boring la. I slept many times in his class. For his class we are required to make 2 videos based on the technology we present in class. I'm hoping to make one good short film from this class and maybe one rubbish one for submission. Heh I cast Kelvin already to play my blind boy.

Audio-Post is quite good also, just that the lesson time is quite a chore. Lesson is from 630pm to 930pm. Vince is very very well versed with his craft (he's a sound engineer) but not very good in teaching la. We learn more by watching him do stuff. This semester we deal more with the studio so its much better than his Sound Design class.
Accounting is just whatever. After last semester's Living with Mathematics, I probably felt like I needed another challenge. Hope I pass.

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