Thursday, November 20, 2008

Come and see me 
Sing me to sleep 
Come and free me 
Or hold me if i need to weep 
Or maybe it's not the season 
Or maybe it's not the year 
Or maybe there's no good reason 
Why i'm locked up inside 
Just cause they wanna hide me 
The moon goes bright 
The darker they make my night 

Unplayed pianos 
Are often by a window 
In a room where nobody loved goes 
She sits alone with her silent song 
Somebody bring her home

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Title: Sayonara (2008)
Cast: Wang Shi Hui/Kelvin Ong
Crew: Koo Chia Meng
Shot on Canon Zoom 318M Super-8
A Place To Hide Yourself
Britney MTV Hell Yea
The Magic Numbers

Water Cycle.
Humans share journeys with others,
flowing along rivers and meeting up with more water.
And when the connection has grown strong,
we rise up together and float about in the sky.
However, a thunderstrom will always come along
and hit us all back to earth.
When we land, we notice that we are all alone all over again.
We meet people all over again,
flowing and joining with different rivers
and will rise up into the sky again
jovial and carefree
secretly anticipating and dreading the next thunderstorm.

Today I was listening to a song by The Coral on the train,
and I was deeply moved by an imagery from one of the songs.
It depicted the city we live in as one giant eye,
and from top down, the numerous people streaming out
the buildings that formed the shape of an eye
became tears flowing out of the eye.
A crying city.

Man in a Snow Globe Version 01 is completed.
Scott tells us that this is what's so sad about film-making.
We spent all our energies in pre-production,
then production,
then post production.
When we screen the film to an audience,
all the efforts were compressed into the film's duration
(in my case 21 mins)
and I anticipate this tomorrow when I present the film.
Excitement, Concentration, Silence, Nothing, Nothing.
Then I will realise all my efforts...has expired.

James Morrison's album is really good.
It's full of sad self-release especially on tracks like
'Save Yourself'.

To end off, this is THE Mayday song from their 7th album.
Looking forward to their concert.

曲:石头 词:阿信
我坐在床前 望著窗外 回忆满天 
生命是华丽错觉 时间是贼 偷走一切
七岁的那一年 抓住那只蝉 以为能抓住夏天
十七岁的那年 吻过他的脸 就以为和他能永远 
有没有那么一种永远 永远不改变 
拥抱过的美丽都 再也不破碎
有谁能听见 我坐在床前 
转过头看 谁在沉睡 
那一张苍老的脸 好像是我 紧闭双眼
曾经是爱我的 和我深爱的 
都围绕在我身边 带不走的那些 
遗憾和眷恋  就化成最后一滴泪
有没有那么一滴眼泪 能洗掉后悔  化成大雨降落在 回不去的街
再给我一次机会 将故事改写  还欠了他一生的 一句抱歉
有没有那么一个世界 永远不天黑  星星太阳万物都 听我的指挥
月亮不忙著圆缺 春天不走远  树梢紧紧拥抱著树叶 有谁能听见
耳际 眼前 此生重演  是我来自漆黑 而又回归漆黑
人间 瞬间 天地之间  下次我 又是谁
有没有那么一朵玫瑰 永远不凋谢  永远骄傲和完美 永远不妥协
为何人生最后会像一张纸屑  还不如一片花瓣曾经鲜艳
有没有那么一张书签 停止那一天  最单纯的笑脸和 最美那一年
书包里面装满了蛋糕和汽水  双眼只有无猜和无邪 让我们无法无天
有没有那么一首诗篇 找不到句点  青春永远定居在 我们的岁月
男孩和女孩都有吉他和舞鞋  笑忘人间的苦痛 只有甜美
有没有那么一个明天 重头活一遍  让我再次感受曾 挥霍的昨天
无论生存或生活 我都不浪费  不让故事这么的后悔 有谁能听见 
我不要告别 我坐在床前 
看著指尖 已经

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Saturday, November 01, 2008