Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

A new role of grey

1. Poster shoot for 'Man in a Snow Globe'.

2. Behind the scenes for 'The Funeral'

3. Cutaways of Home.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The ballad of life will lift you higher
where the air is lighter
and the world of trouble nests beneath ur feet.
Allow the breeze to carry you away.

the return of the australian
guang and jd
jd is actually not an australian
but with the time he spends there
he might as well be.
guang is my buddy
so is jd.
back in army, we all slept together much
hurr hurr hurr.
Good to have you back (for a while).

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Sayounara / 2008 / B&W
8mm / 1:30 min
Twenty-O-Eight Round-Up

john mayer / where the light is / a great album of musical mastery and performance / dvd shot on 35mm so cool
liam finn / i'll be lightning / a very durable album for some reason
nick & norah's infinite playlist / sweet little film / dun make sense sometimes but still very sweet
of montreal / skeletal lamping / exciting stuff that change constantly from the 1st track to the last
lisa hannigan / sea sew / when u need peace but u need music / she doesn't sound as depressed as when she's on damien rice's songs
two, three, four out of four.

paul and shawn birthday
with GRAMOPHONE people
1. ilyana/paul/taufik
2. erlin/paul
3. me/paul
4. shawn/paul
5. taufik/shawn
6. fabian/dean
7. many many
8. many many