Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Sunday, March 29, 2009

29 March
Discussing about how we often speculate 
a 100 other ways our lives could have turned out.
Edison asked me if I had a chance to undo something I regretted, will I do it?
 I told him that changing something in the past might
just create new regrets for the present and the future.
What I would really do, is to cherish the present.
But I never did answer his question, did I?
I'm not sure if I believed what I said.
二十五年可以吃幾頓飯?/ how many meals in 25 years?

1. Dinner with Dad+Mom+2Sis+Brother /  簡單的一餐

picture by: lee ruiqi

2. Zouk's LeSportSac with Edwin+Kexin+Friends / 走走街跳跳舞。

3. Dinner at Botan with friends planned by friends / 牡丹好吃。

Watch for Kexin's Smelly Men Photog series.
Sean is model #02 already.

I swear every bite contains 20 durians


4. Ten Dollar KTV / 唱飲逍遙



Post KTV. Went to Edwin's place to do something very fail (we all admit defeat). 
So we watched Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead instead.
Tiger Beer(s). Big dog. Small dog. 
0530: Ash and Melb leave. 0730: Nick leaves.
I guess the nicest thing is to wake up at 1030
to find 4 of your goody friends sleeping beside you.
Murmuring stuff they probably don't remember.
I'm glad no pictures were taken. Cos Ugly.


Thank to Alfian, we caught the play:

The above events involved sacrifices from:
nick weyman sean alfian melbaby ash kexin edwin edison winston zihan erubin weidong jeremy
dad mom 2sis brother
trixie audrey ruiqi & friends
Thanks for the gifts but really more importantly, thanks for being around.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday, March 06, 2009

停電:The Blackout

1. Affected 6 floors
2. Everyone affected felt sad and reminded of how dependent on energy we've become 
3. The last song I heard was Glen Hansard 'Falling Slowly'
4. My Mom was choosing pictures of me for me from her archive of old photos
5. Yay Romantic
6. At least something working will make my sis feel better
7. Telling me all about how chao ah-beng my dad used to be
8. Telling me about how pretty she herself used to be
9. 'Can you call the town council? Room getting very stuffy'

Damn it.